Natura Trading Lactoferrin

Wholesale lactoferrin powder 90% 95% 97% for bacteriocide dietary supplements
Brand: Yangge
Product name: Lactoferrin Powder
Part: 80 kDa
Active Ingredient: Transferrin
Specification: 90%,95%,97%
Extraction method: HPLC
Apperence: Pink Powder
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Product Introduction

What is Natura Trading Lactoferrin?

Natura trading lactoferrin ingredients LF is a natural protein in animal colostrum. it is a multifunctional protein with broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral effects. it can regulate the balance of iron in the body; regulate the generation of bone marrow cells and promote cell growth; regulate Improve the body's immune function and enhance the body's ability to resist disease.


Natura Trading Lactoferrin Specification

Product name

Natura Trading Lactoferrin



Other Name

Lactoferricin B




Light Pink powder

Natura Trading Lactoferrin Benefits

Natura trading lactoferrin food sources is available in a wide variety of products, including yogurt, skim milk, health food, and fermented dairy the end of the 20th century, japanese dairy companies began to produce and sell infant formula containing lactoferrin.the benefits of adding lactoferrin to infant formula include promoting iron absorption and improving intestinal flora.and so on. the health benefits of these lactoferrin-containing products have been proven in clinical and animal trials. In Japan,south korea and other countries and regions, it is popular to add lactoferrin to fermented dairy products, infant food, soybean protein products, and meat products to supplement lactoferrin to enhance the body's immunity and prevent the body from viral colds and intestinal infections.

Natura trading lactoferrin hemochromatosis

Natura trading lactoferrin sequesters iron not only from pathogens but also in other tissues including aiding in absorption from the gut. In fact, that it can improve iron deficiency anemia, this actually is counter-productive for hemochromatosis.

Natura trading lactoferrin and calprotectin

Biomarkers of inflammation in the GI tract include fecal leukocytes, lactoferrin, and calprotectin.lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein that is secreted in secondary granules predominantly from neutrophils, and calprotectin is a calcium-binding protein that is abundant within the cytosol of neutrophils.

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Where to buy Natura trading lactoferrin?

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