Cochineal Extract

Natural Food Coloring Cochineal Extract KOSHER/USP GRADE 1 TON In STOCK for FoodBeverages Applications.
Brand: Yangge Product name: Cochineal Extract Part: Scale insects on cacti Active Ingredient: Carminic Acid Specification: E120 Extraction method: HPLC Apperence: Red powder
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Product Introduction

What is Cochineal Extract?

Cochineal extract is a natural red dye obtained from the bodies of female cochineal insects (Dactylopius coccus). These insects are native to Central and South America and are typically found on certain species of cacti, such as the prickly pear cactus. Cochineal has been used for centuries to produce a vibrant red color, and it remains a valuable natural coloring agent in various industries.

Here's a detailed introduction to Cochineal Extract:

1. Source and Extraction

  • Cochineal insects are cultivated on specific cacti in regions like Mexico and Peru.

  • The crimson or carmine red color is derived from the dried and crushed bodies of the female cochineal insects.

2. Active Ingredient

  • The primary colorant in cochineal extract is carminic acid, which is responsible for its vivid red color.

Scientists Are Making Cochineal, a Red Dye From Bugs, in the Lab |  Innovation| Smithsonian Magazine

Cochineal Extract Specifications

Product NameCochineal Extract
Common NameCochineal
Type of ExtractNatural
ColorBright Red
UsesFoodBeverages, Cosmetics
Active IngredientCarminic Acid
OriginScale insects on cacti
E Number (EU)E120
FDA StatusGenerally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)
Allergen InformationMay cause allergies in some individuals
Shelf Life2 years

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Cochineal Extract in Food

Natural Red Colorant Cochineal extract is valued for its ability to produce a bright red hue, and it is used to color a range of food items. Here's including:

1. Beverages: It is used in fruit juices, sodas, and alcoholic beverages to give them a red or pink color.

2. Confectionery: Cochineal is commonly used in candies, gummy bears, and other sweet treats.

3. Desserts: It can be found in products like ice cream, yogurt, and gelatin.

4. Baked Goods: Some pastries, cakes, and cookies may use cochineal extract for coloration.

5. Sauces: In some cases, it is used to color sauces and condiments, such as ketchup.

Cochineal Insect Instructions - Botanical Colors

Cochineal Extract in Juice

Cochineal extract can be used in the food and beverage industry, including in fruit juices, to provide a red or pink color. Here's including:

1. Coloring Agent: Cochineal extract is utilized in fruit juices and juice-based beverages primarily as a natural food coloring. It can provide a vibrant red or pink color, enhancing the visual appeal of the product.

2. Alternative Colorants: Cochineal extract is derived from insects, some juice manufacturers have chosen to use alternative natural or synthetic food colorants to color their products. Beet juice, black carrot juice, and synthetic red dyes are among the alternatives used for achieving a red color in juices.

Unveiling Cochineal Extract: Nature's Red Dye


YANGGEBIOTECH Packages Cochineal Extract Supplement in a resealable bag. Store it in a cool, dry area protected from light. Reseal after each use.

Packaged in multi-layer kraft paper bag with food grade PE inner bag, net 25kg/bag. (Other packaging types are available on request)

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