Yohimbine Yohimbe Bark Extract
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Yohimbine Yohimbe Bark Extract

  • Yohimbine extract
  • Corynante Yohimbe L.
  • There are indole alkaloids (including yohimbine, etc.) and pigments and tannins
  • bark
  • alcohol extract
  • 8%、20%、98%
  • Reddish brown powder

Description of yohimbe bark powder

Yohimbine is a natural alkaloid. Extracts from the Yohimbine tree, an evergreen plant in Africa, have been recognized for their unique health benefits for more than 70 years. It is a kind of pure plant health food for erectile dysfunction that is more affirmed and most widely used at present. Also can prevent prostate hypertrophy and urinary system infection.

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Function of yohimbe bark extract

1. Increased muscle tension and no injury in urinary inhibition.

2. Accelerate energy metabolism of the body and increase energy supply.

3. Dilate vascular smooth muscle and reduce sympathetic tension.

Yuhimbine capsules-Yanggebiotech

Application pure yohimbine

1. It is mainly used in the field of health products to improve sexual function, regulate neuroendocrine and improve the immune function of the body.

2. It is applied in the field of medicine and has adrenergic block effect in clinical effect, and is used for the treatment of arteriosurgery and angina pectoris. Can also be applied to mental, neurological, vascular and diabetes. In West Africa, it is often used as a stimulant.

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