Why are functional soft sweets dietary supplements?
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Why are functional soft sweets dietary supplements?

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  In the North American market, gums surpassed tablets to become the third largest dietary supplement dosage form. Compared with traditional formulations of dietary supplements, functional gums have the advantages of being more palatable, more portable, and easier to share, and the market demand is stronger.

  Edible gel breakthrough: colloidal mutual fusion technology

  Gum is indispensable for the manufacture of soft candy. From the initial gelatin, to the later pectin, vegetable gum, and carrageenan, each single colloid has its limitations in terms of taste and application. A simple example: gelatin has a good taste, but poor temperature resistance; pectin has good temperature resistance, but its taste is relatively poor. Which of the two colloids should be selected to balance market circulation and overall taste?

  The colloidal mutual fusion technology developed by Echao can be described as "the savior of difficult choices." The "BuffX Easy Good Night Candy" upgraded with this technology, the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) content in each capsule can reach 150mg, which is three times the nutrient content of the original product. At the same time, this technology can also solve the unpleasant sensation in the GABA release process in the colloid, and make soft sweets delicious.

  Ingredient compatibilization technology, let the soft candy carry more

  The nutrient content in functional gums is generally low, which is the status quo of the industry. Due to the limitations of technology, the ingredients in most functional gums can only be added conceptually, which cannot take into account the taste and body feel required by consumers.

  Take fish oil as an example. At present, most fish oil is in the form of soft capsules, while most foreign fish oils are realized through soft sweets. In the environment of high temperature, high moisture, and oxygen permeability, how can fish oil gums control oxidation, prevent fishy taste, increase effective content, and maintain delicious taste? At this time, it is necessary to apply the ingredient compatibilization technology, which can fix the nutrient ingredients into the colloid and dispersant grid to form a copolymer, so that the same candy can carry enough nutrients while reducing sugar. At the same time, the constant volume technology is also conducive to controlling unstable factors such as water effluent and discoloration in the production process of soft sweets.