Wheatgrass powder
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Wheatgrass powder

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Amazing wheatgrass powder

Organic wheat seedling powder adopts the emerald green powder made by microwave drying and low temperature (0℃±5℃) airflow of the young wheat leaves. The wheat seedlings are rich in plant protein, chlorophyll, antioxidant enzymes, dietary fiber and other nutrients. .

In addition, the contained superoxide dismutase (SOD) and other biologically active substances have positive effects on the human body to enhance immunity, delay aging, fight fatigue, and promote microcirculation. Studies in the medical field have shown that it has anti-cancer, liver protection, Enhance cell viability, reduce blood sugar and other health care effects.


Wheat seedling powder made by low-temperature drying method is richer in minerals and vitamins than other foods. For example, the potassium content is 25 times more than that of bananas, calcium is 10 times more than milk, iron is 5 times more than spinach, magnesium is 6 times more than wheat flour, and the trace element zinc is not found in other foods. In terms of vitamins, vitamin B1 is 16 times more than tomatoes, vitamin B2 is 45 times more than lettuce, vitamin C is 7 times more than orange, and vitamin E is 20 times more than wheat flour. Other nutrients such as folic acid are 8 times more than spinach. (Equivalent to 10 grams of wheat seedling powder)

Introduction to Chlorophyll:

Organic wheat seedling powder is rich in chlorophyll, which is very similar in structure to heme in human blood. The only difference is that the oxygen-carrying ions in the center of the structure, heme is iron ion and chlorophyll is magnesium ion. It can effectively eliminate the hazards of artificial preservatives and other chemicals in food. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, detoxification, anti-cancer, and deodorizing effects. It can remove garbage from the body. Chlorophyll contains a lot of minerals and alkaline substances to help the body Regulate the acid-base balance in the body. Therefore, wheat seedling powder contributes to the role of heme, promotes the metabolism of the body and the elimination of cell waste.


Health Guard-Dietary Fiber:

Dietary fiber is closely related to many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. It is indispensable to the human body, especially the physiological function of the digestive system is irreplaceable. It can protect humans from a variety of diseases. It is an essential "seventh nutrient" for the human body.