Tremella Extract Powder
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Tremella Extract Powder

Tremella fuciformis extract producer tremella mushroom extract powder 30%-50% polysaccharide immunity for skin
  • Yangge

  • Tremella Fuciformis Extract Powder

  • Fruit

  • Polysaccharides

  • 30%-50%

  • UV

  • Brown yellow fine powder


What is tremella fuciformis extract?

Tremella fuciformis extract cas number 778577-37-0 the white fungus extract is yellow-brown powder in appearance, and the main component polysaccharide is the main active component of white fungus.the pharmacologically active ingredients of Tremella are Tremella polysaccharides: mainly composed of acidic polysaccharides, neutral heteropolysaccharides, and acidic oligosaccharides. tremella polysaccharide has obvious antioxidant effect, and has the effect of enhancing human cellular immunity and humoral immunity.

remella fuciformis extract

Tremella polysaccharide molecules are rich in a large number of polar groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, which can form hydrogen bonds with water molecules, thereby binding a large amount of water. Its molecules are intertwined to form a network and combined with hydrogen in water molecules, it has strong water-locking and moisturizing properties, and exerts high-efficiency moisturizing and skin care functions. Tremella polysaccharide has good water absorption and excellent film-forming properties, giving the skin a moist and silky feeling.

Product Specifications

Product Name
Pure tremella fuciformis extract powder/tremella extract
Brown Yellow Fine Powder
Extract Part
Fruiting body
Polysaccharides 30%-50%
Pure powder
Shelf Life
2 years
Test Method
Aogu biotech
Place of Origin
Shaanxi, China(Mainland)
1kg/aluminum foil bag, 25kg/drum or as your requirements
OEM Service
OEM bag/bottle is available with private label.

Tremella extract benefits

1. Enhance memory and brain function.

2. Neuroprotection and Nerve Growth Factor.

3. help improve depression and anxiety


4. To protect liver function (chronic and acute hepatitis treatment) 5.Support the nervous system and

6. Anti-aging.

7. Contains antibacterial properties and provides anti-inflammatory effects.

8. Increase Energy.

9. Supports Gut Health.

10. Improves.

11. Cardiovascular Health and Metabolism.

Tremella fuciformis extract for skin

1. Tremella extract has the effect of smoothing skin texture.

2. Tremella extract has super moisturizing effect.

3. Tremella extract can regulate skin complexion and make skin feel smooth.

4. Tremella extract has strong permeability, easy to absorb and can fully nourish the skin.

5. Tremella extract is safe and mild for all skin types (including sensitive skin).

Tremella fuciformis extract for skin

Application range of tremella extract

1. It can be widely used in various skin care products, giving cosmetics an elegant and unique smooth skin feel, and has efficient moisturizing skin care functions.

2. Skin care products such as moisturizing creams, lotions and essences.

3. Moisturizing cleanser.

Remella mushroom extract where to buy?

Bulk Tremella extract powder rigorous quality control testing make our products certified organic, certified kosher, gluten-Free, non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free and nut-free. YANGGEBIOTECH do not add any mycelium, starch, grains, or fillers into our products. Just 100% pure mushrooms. we use starch testing to show the mushroom purity of our extract powders.

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