The main trend of pet nutrition products-natural and clean
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The main trend of pet nutrition products-natural and clean

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  The main trend of pet nutrition products-natural and clean

  1. Immune health becomes a new focus

  With the outbreak of the global new crown epidemic, the market for immune health products is growing rapidly. Consumers are also shifting this concern for immunity to pets. Therefore, the immune health product industry has begun to become the new focus of pet products. Although joints and flexibility are still major concerns for dog owners, immune support and digestive issues are quickly gaining attention.

  Trust and transparency are the keys for pet owners to choose pet nutrition products. They increasingly define high-quality pet food and pet products as containing natural, identifiable and verified ingredients. Consumers are more interested in pet products that have research support, which is one of the main reasons why our company has conducted more than a dozen published trials and multiple dog studies on ingredients.

  2. The rapid development of the alternative protein market

  Young pet owners are particularly interested in plant-based options for pets. Specifically, 40% of 16-24 year old dog food buyers prefer plant-based dog food, while only 21% of buyers over 55 years old1. As this interest grows, manufacturers are also exploring other sources of protein for humans and pets, including mushroom and fungal protein, insect protein, and fermentation-based synthetic protein and cell protein.

  3. Older pets become the focus of attention

  Consumers who buy pet nutrition products are usually seeking support for older animals. As mentioned earlier, joint health is still one of the most popular categories in the pet supplement market, because pets have a lot of activity every day, which is bound to cause joint damage.

  In addition to joint health, skeletal muscle is also a key determinant of pet health. Especially as pets age, ingredients that can help pets maintain muscle health have always been of interest. At present, brand owners and concerned consumers are now more than ever attaching importance to the safety and sustainability of the raw materials they provide to animal companions.

  A recent study of a purified seaweed extract may be a major solution. Fucoidan is significantly improved under both exercise and non-exercise conditions. At present, our company is also developing other applications of fucoidan in the formulation of pet nutrition products.

  4. The more discerning pet owner

  Visionary pet owners are promoting the development of high-quality, healthy, and well-researched products. As consumers pursue transparency and health attributes, nutrient-deficient fillers are quickly falling out of favor. Organic, non-GMO and clean label products continue to be a trend. With the innovation of natural and alternative ingredients, taste/palatability has become more and more important.

  Pet owners treat pets as family members, and their thinking in shopping pet nutrition products will imitate the direction of human use. These applications include joint and movement flexibility, intestines and digestion, stress and mood, immunity and oral cavity. Give a few examples. The pet nutrition market usually requires flexibility in ingredient tolerance, solubility, and dosage, so formulators should be prepared to adjust the distribution ratio as needed.