Stevia Extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A
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Stevia Extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A

Stevia Extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A KOSHER/USP GRADE 1 TON In STOCK for foodbeverages and Health Supplement, Support OEM Mix Table-Top Sweeteners Powder/Tablets.
  • Yangge

  • Stevia Extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A

  • Leaf

  • Steviol Glycosides, Stevioside, Rebaudioside A

  • 98%

  • HPLC

  • White Crystal Powder


What is Stevia Extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A?

Stevia Extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A is a sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the herb Stevia rebaudiana. Its primary active compounds are the steviol glycosides stevioside and rebaudioside. Rebaudioside A is sweeter, less bitter, and more stable than stevioside. It is also 240 times sweeter than sugar. The body doesn’t recognize or absorb steviol glycosides, which is how the extract has zero calories.

Stevia Extract (98% REBAUDIOSIDE A)

Stevia Extract (98% REBAUDIOSIDE A) Specifications

Specification Value
Product Name Stevia Extract 98% Rebaudioside A
Botanical Name Stevia rebaudiana
Appearance Fine, white powder
Rebaudioside A Content 98% or higher
Taste Sweet with no aftertaste
Sweetness Level About 200-300 times sweeter than sugar
Purity 98%
Solubility Highly soluble in water
Calories Virtually calorie-free
Glycemic Index Zero
Use Intense sugar substitute, sweetener
Applications Ideal for beverages, desserts, baking, etc.
Packaging 25KG
Shelf Life Typically 2-3 years
Certifications Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, etc.
Regulatory Status Generally recognized as safe (GRAS)
Storage Store in a cool, dry place

Why Choose Us?

Free sample available: Stevia Extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A 10-30g free samples could be offered for your R&D trial. Qty: 10 ton, Delivery method: FOB/CIF.


  • FDA-approved

  • Halal certificate

  • Kosher Certified

  • Inspected and tested by international laboratories before each shipment

We Stand Behind our Products and Warranties:

  • Personalized Customer Service

  • On-time shipments and flexible delivery options

  • Products certified "safe to use"

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  • Yes! You may request a copy of the Non-Gmo statement for this product by using the comments box provided on the COA request form.

Bulk Stevia Extract Powder

Additional Services Provided by YANGGE BIOTECH

1. Mixed Services

  • We can blend Stevia Extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A with other healthy ingredients according to your requirements.

2. Customized Services

  • We can provide products of different specifications according to your requirements.

  • We can change the packaging method according to your requirements.

  • We can design and insert the logo according to your requirements.

3. OEM and ODM Services

Stevia Powder
60-200 Mesh
Stevia Powder Tablet
200mg, 250mg, 300mg, 350mg, 400mg, 500mg etc
Stevia Powder Capsule
250mg, 350mg, 400mg, 500mg
Private label packaging

Bulk Stevia Extract Powder oem


Unlike other sugar substitutes, pure stevia extract without additives does not contain artificial ingredients. However, several other zero-calorie and low-calorie sugar substitutes are available on the market. Each has a unique sweetness profile, and which is best largely comes down to personal preference.  YANGGEBIOTECH carries numerous zero- and low-calorie sweeteners, including:


Stevia Extract 98% Rebaudioside A has various uses, primarily due to its intense sweetness and calorie-free nature. Here are some common applications:

1. Sugar Substitute: Stevia Extract is used as a sugar substitute in various food and beverage products. It's ideal for individuals looking to reduce their sugar intake or for those with diabetes, as it doesn't affect blood sugar levels.

2. Beverages: Stevia is used to sweeten a wide range of beverages, including soft drinks, teas, coffee, and fruit juices. It can replace or reduce the amount of sugar used, providing a sweet taste without the calories.

3. Desserts and Baking: Stevia Extract can be used in baking to create low-calorie or sugar-free desserts, such as cakes, cookies, and muffins. It can also be used to sweeten ice creams and other frozen treats.

4. Condiments and Sauces: Some condiments and sauces, such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, and salad dressings, incorporate Stevia Extract as a sugar substitute to reduce added sugars.

5. Candies and Chocolates: Stevia is used to make sugar-free or reduced-sugar candies and chocolates. It allows manufacturers to create sweet treats for those on sugar-restricted diets.

6. Functional Foods: It's added to various "health" or "diet" foods and supplements, promoting a reduced-calorie and sugar-free option in the market.

7. Herbal Teas and Infusions: Stevia is often added to herbal teas and infusions to enhance sweetness naturally.

8. Flavored Water: It's used in flavored water products, providing a sweet taste without the need for added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

9. Tabletop Sweetener: Stevia Extract is available in powdered and liquid form for consumers to use as a tabletop sweetener in place of sugar.

10. Medicinal Products: In some cases, it's used in certain medicinal products or dietary supplements as a sugar-free sweetening agent.

Stevia Extract (98% Rebaudioside A)


YANGGEBIOTECH Packages Stevia Extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A Supplement in a resealable bag. Store it in a cool, dry area protected from light. Reseal after each use.

Packaged in multi-layer kraft paper bag with food grade PE inner bag, net 25kg/bag. (Other packaging types are available on request)

Bulk Stevia Extract Powder

Where to Buy Stevia Extract?

You can stevia extract 98% REBAUDIOSIDE A at YANGGEBIOTECH Company is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor for pure dietary supplements. is not just a consumer brand. It also supplies pure ingredients to other brands that distribute food and other supplement products. Contact to place an order today.


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