Spirulina Liquid Extract
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Spirulina Liquid Extract

New Style Blue Spirulina Liquid Extract E3 for Instant Beverages Whole Plant Tea Drinking 100% Water Soluble Food GRADE
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What is spirulina liquid?

YANGGEBIOTECH Liquid Spirulina Concentrate is a probiotic which has been naturally fermented using the exclusive FloraFermTM process which increases the bio availability of nutrients and adds active good bacteria. Spirulina is a nutrient dense superfood which is one of the oldest foods on the planet.

Spirulina Liquid Extract E3 Specification

Product Name
Spirulina Liquid Extract, Spirulina Concentrate
Product Brand
Raw Material
Food Grade
Blue Liquid, With Red Fluorescence
Odour & taste
Spirulina Extract, Water, Sugar, Sodium Citrate
Color Value
Max absorption peak
λ620±5 nm
Fluorescence excitation peak
λ647 nm
Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and grease
Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Origin Country
HS Code

Blue Spirulina Liquid-YANGGEBIOTECH

Spirulina liquid extract is a kind of blue honey-like liquid, which dissolves quickly, avoids dust flying and is more convenient to use.

The color value, ingredient and content of phycocyanin varied with the type of phycocyanin. The larger the number, the higher the color value, the higher the content of phycocyanin, and the less other ingredients.

For example: phycocyanin E18, color value≥180, ingredients: 30% trehalose, 5% sodium citrate.

The difference between E18 and M18: E18 ingredients: 30% trehalose; M18 ingredients: 30% maltodextrin.

E18 is the most widely used specification in the world, with high-cost performance and excellent solubility, which is our most recommended specification.

E10 and E18 are suitable to be added to food, and e25 can be used for medical and nutritional care.

E10, E18, M18, E25, E30 are in the form of powder. No water can prevent oxidation and degrade blue protein. Therefore, phycocyanin can be preserved for several years.

Spirulina extract application


Spirulina extract is not only a natural blue pigment, but also a good functional raw material.

blue spirulina food


In the EU, spirulina extract not only comply with the clean label trend, but are also colored food ingredients for unlimited use.

OEM blue spirulina capsules

For food processing

A variety of foods have been developed using spirulina, all of which are made by adding spirulina dry powder or extract raw materials to conventional food or beverages, each with its own characteristics. The reported products mainly include soy sauce, yogurt, jelly, beverages and noodles.

For feed addition

Spirulina has been widely used as a feed additive in animal feed because it is rich in protein and amino acids, and is rich in various trace elements. Some researchers have reported that this new type of green feed additive is used in aquaculture and animal husbandry. Applications. Studies have shown that adding 4% spirulina-okra powder can improve the growth performance of Penaeus vannamei. It has been reported that spirulina can improve the production performance of piglets.


YANGGEBIOTECH BIOTECHNOLOGY has passed FSSC22000, Halal, Kosher, Organic etc. certificates. The company also owns its independent intellectual property rights and has established a traceable food safety management system from raw materials to finished product.

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