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Sodium copper chlorophyllin powder supplier

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"Sodium copper chlorophyllin powder" made in china is a natural colorants. manufacturer sodium copper chlorophyllin powder cas 28302-36-5.

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin

Is sodium copper chlorophyllin the same as chlorophyll?

Natural colouring sodium copper chlorophyllin powder has the hue of natural green plants, strong tinting strength, stable to light and heat, but has good stability in solid food, and precipitates in the solution of PH<6. This product is more suitable for neutral or alkaline (PH value 7 ~ 12) food.

Sodium copper chlorophyllin powder dosage Dilute with purified water to desired concentration before use. For beverages, canned food, ice cream, biscuits, cheese, pickled cucumbers, coloring soup, etc., the maximum usage is 4 g/kg.

During use, sodium copper chlorophyllin powder and water may precipitate when encountering hard water or acidic food or calcium food.

Is sodium copper chlorophyllin natural plant studies of biologically active substances in foods have shown that increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables is strongly associated with a decline in cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other diseases. Chlorophyll is one of the natural biologically active substances. Metalloporphyrin, as a chlorophyll derivative, is the most unique of all natural pigments and has a wide range of uses.

The degradation rate curve of chlorophyll extract has obvious inflection points under different heating temperatures.the degradation rate of chlorophyll is slow below 80℃, and the degradation rate is sharply accelerated above 90℃. In general, with the increase of temperature, the rate of chlorophyll degradation is gradually accelerated, but the degradation rate is not obvious at lower temperature.

Therefore, in new § 73.125 (21 CFR 73.125) FDA is limiting the source of chlorophyll used to make sodium copper chlorophyllin to alfalfa. The agency notes that the intended coloring effect of citrus-based dry beverage mixes is achieved when sodium copper chlorophyllin is used in an amount not exceeding 0.2 percent.COA-Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin.pdf


Sodium copper chlorophyllin is used in canned green peas, fruit and vegetable juices, pulp drinks, fruit juice drinks, carbonated drinks, prepared wine, ice cream, popsicles, jelly, pastry decorations, biscuits, candies and other products.

buy sodium copper chlorophyllin

YANGGEBIOTECH chlorophyll copper sodium salt dissolved in water is transparent and clear in color, bright in color, uniform in coloring, and free of precipitation; chlorophyll copper sodium salt in the market is turbid in color when dissolved in water, and there is sediment if you look closely. after being placed for a period of time, the sodium copper chlorophyll salt on the market has obviously faded, and the bottom of the bottle has obvious precipitation; while the high-quality sodium copper chlorophyll salt of YANGGEBIOTECH has no obvious change, and the color is as beautiful as when it was just dissolved in water.

The color depth of YANGGEBIOTECH natural pigments can be adjusted. the advantages and disadvantages of natural pigments here are mainly distinguished from the aspects of precipitation and fading during the use of the product.


Sodium copper chlorophyllin powder where to buy?

Sodium copper chlorophyllin powder supplier, sodium copper chlorophyllin extract price, we can provide 10-30 grams of free samples, US warehouse has a regular stock of 500kg of each month for the market of the global. certificate of analysis (COA), MSDS, specification sheet, pricing quotation is obtainable upon your request.

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