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Sea Buckthorn Powder Price

Wholesale Sea Puckthorn Powder for Lowering Blood Fat and Antioxidant Supplements OEM Sea Puckthorn Oli Capsules KOSHER/USP GRADE 1 TON In STOCK
  • Yangge

  • Sea Buckthorn Powder

  • Fruit

  • Vitamin C

  • 80 Mesh

  • UV

  • Orange yellow powder


What is Sea Buckthorn Powder?

Best sea buckthorn powder is made from natural sea thorn fruit with vacuum freeze-drying technology. the process includes freezing the fresh fruit under low temperatures in a vacuum environment, lowering pressure, removing the ice in frozen fruit by sublimation, crushing the freeze-dried fruit into a powder, and sieving the powder through 80 mesh. rich in flavonoids, vitamins, and anthocyanins. It is very water soluble and has a strong taste. In addition, seabuckthorn fruit powder has a good anti-effect and can eliminate free radicals on the cell membrane.

If you want to need OEM Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsules, We support customization of specifications, Contact us!

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Sea Buckthorn Powder Specifications

Product Name

Sea buckthorn powder

Drying Method
Spray dried
Particle Size
80 Mesh
OEM service
Private labels and  customized packaging
20kg/carton or 20kg/drum or as your request
Shelf Life
24 Months

Sea Buckthorn Powder Nutrition Facts

1 teaspoon of sea buckthorn powder = 100 g fresh berries.

Nutrition Facts

Product nutritional energy value per 100 g:

1899 kJ/452kcal
Carbohydrate 54,97 g

of which sugars

3,43 g
Dietary Fiber 18,1 g
Fat 16,65 g

Saturated fatty acids

3,2 g

Omega 3

2,88 g

Omega 6

3,99 g

Omega 9

3,93 g
Protein 20,52 g
Salt 0 g
Vitamin A 296 µg (37 %*)
Vitamin D 14,5 µg (290 %*)
Vitamin E 9,5 mg (95 %*)
Monounsaturated fat 35,9 %
Polyunsaturated fat 41,5 %

Sea Buckthorn Powder COA

100% pure fruit powder
TLC || USP<201>
Correspond to standard
TLC || USP<201>
Particle Size
NLT 95% Through 80 mesh
Analytical sieving || USP
Loss on Drying
NMT 5.00%
Total Ash
NMT 5.00%
Bulk Density
Between 40-60g/100ml
Residual Solvent
NMT 5000ppm
Pesticide Residue
Meet the requirements
Heavy Metals(as Pb)
NMT 10ppm
USP Method II
Arsenic (As)
NMT 2ppm
Lead (Pb)
NMT 2ppm
NMT 1ppm
NMT 1ppm
Total Plate Count
Total Yeast & Mold
Not Detected in(g) 10
Not Detected
Not Detected in(g) 25
Not Detected
Not Detected in(g) 10
Not Detected

Why Choose Us?

Free sample available: Sea buckthorn powder 10-30g free samples could be offered for your R&D trial. Qty: 1ton, Delivery method: FOB/CIF.

Sea Buckthorn Powder Offered by YANGGE BIOTECH Are:

  • FDA-approved

  • Halal certificate

  • Kosher Certified

  • Inspected and tested by international laboratories before each shipment

We Stand Behind our Products and Warranties:

  • Personalized Customer Service

  • On-time shipments and flexible delivery options

  • Products certified "safe to use"

  • Various Packaging Solutions

  • Profitable Sea buckthorn powder price

  • Continuous availability

Sea buckthorn powder suppliers 10-30g free samples

Additional Services Provided by YANGGE BIOTECH

● Mixed Services

We can blend Sea buckthorn powder  with other healthy ingredients according to your requirements.

Customized Services
1. We can provide products of different specifications according to your requirements.

2. We can change the packaging method according to your requirements.

3. We can design and insert the logo according to your requirements.

OEM and ODM Services

Sea buckthorn powder 
Sea buckthorn powder Oil
80-120 Mesh
Sea buckthorn powder Tablet
200mg, 250mg, 300mg, 350mg, 400mg, 500mg etc;
Sea buckthorn powder Capsule
250mg, 350mg, 400mg, 500mg;
Private label packaging


Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Powder

Sea buckthorn powder, derived from the sea buckthorn berry (Hippophae rhamnoides), is known for its numerous health benefits. Here are some potential benefits of sea buckthorn powder:

1. Rich in nutrients: Sea buckthorn powder is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is particularly high in vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and flavonoids, which support overall health and boost the immune system.

2. Boosts immune function: The high vitamin C content in sea buckthorn powder helps strengthen the immune system, making it more resilient against infections, colds, and other illnesses.

3. Supports heart health: Sea buckthorn powder contains omega-3, omega-6, and omega-7 fatty acids, which can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and support cardiovascular health.

4. Promotes healthy skin: Sea buckthorn powder is often used in skincare products due to its ability to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Its antioxidants and fatty acids help promote skin hydration, elasticity, and may help reduce the signs of aging.

5. Supports digestion: Sea buckthorn powder has been traditionally used to aid digestion. It may help relieve symptoms of gastric ulcers, acid reflux, and other gastrointestinal issues. The fiber content in sea buckthorn powder also supports healthy digestion and bowel movements.

6. Anti-inflammatory properties: The antioxidants and flavonoids in sea buckthorn powder have anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce inflammation in the body. This could be beneficial for individuals with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

7. Enhances eye health: The combination of vitamins A, C, and E in sea buckthorn powder supports healthy vision and may help prevent age-related macular degeneration and other eye conditions.

8. Potential anticancer effects: Some studies have suggested that sea buckthorn powder may have anticancer properties due to its high antioxidant content. However, more research is needed to fully understand its effects on cancer prevention and treatment.

It's important to note that while sea buckthorn powder offers potential health benefits, individual results may vary. It's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before adding any new supplement to your routine, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

Sea buckthorn powder for skin

Sea Buckthorn Powder Use

Sea buckthorn powder can be incorporated into your diet in various ways. Here are some common methods of using sea buckthorn powder:

1. Smoothies and juices: Add a teaspoon or two of sea buckthorn powder to your favorite smoothie or juice recipe. It pairs well with citrus flavors and can provide a tangy and nutritious boost.

2. Yogurt and cereal: Sprinkle sea buckthorn powder over yogurt, oatmeal, or cereal for added flavor and nutritional benefits. It can give your breakfast a vibrant color and a citrusy taste.

3. Salad dressings and sauces: Mix sea buckthorn powder with olive oil, lemon juice, and other herbs and spices to create a tangy salad dressing or a flavorful sauce for grilled vegetables or meats.

4. Baked goods: Incorporate sea buckthorn powder into your baked goods such as muffins, cakes, or energy bars. It can add a unique taste and a vibrant color to your recipes.

5. Tea or hot water: Dissolve a small amount of sea buckthorn powder in hot water to make a nourishing tea. You can also add honey or other natural sweeteners to enhance the taste.

6. Face masks and skincare: Sea buckthorn powder can be mixed with water, honey, or other natural ingredients to create a face mask or skincare product. Apply the mixture to your skin for its potential benefits in promoting healthy and rejuvenated skin.

Keep in mind that sea buckthorn powder has a strong and tangy flavor, so it's best to experiment with different combinations and adjust the quantity based on your taste preferences.

How to use sea buckthorn powder?

Sea Buckthorn Powder Package

Sea buckthorn powder packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the product's freshness, quality, and shelf life. When looking for rhubarb powder, consider the following packaging features:

Packaged in multi-layer kraft paper bag with food grade PE inner bag, net 25kg/bag. (Other packaging types are available on request)

Sea Buckthorn Powder Package

Where to Buy Sea Buckthorn Powder?

You can purchase Sea buckthorn powder at YANGGE BIOTECH. The company is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor for pure dietary supplements. is not just a consumer brand. It also supplies pure ingredients to other brands that distribute food and other supplement products. Contact to place an order today.

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