Rosemary Extract Powder
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Rosemary Extract Powder

  • Rosemary extract powder
  • Salvia japonica Thunb
  • Rosemary acid
  • stems and leaves
  • Water extract
  • 5%、10%、20%、30%
  • Yellow-green to yellowish powder

Function of Rosemary extract powder

Rosemary is a kind of precious natural fragrance plants, native to the Mediterranean coast, the growing season will emit a fragrance. Its stems, leaves and flowers have a pleasant fragrance, and the flowers and shoots extract aromatic oils.

1. It has antioxidant properties, which can slow down aging.

2. Eliminate fat, firm skin, strong lipid-lowering effect.

3. Cure cardiovascular disease and cancer, heart tonic, lower blood pressure, regulate anemia, refresh, and restore central nervous energy.

Application of rosmarinic acid powder

1. Applicable to the pharmacological effect, can eliminate stomach flatulence, enhance memory, refresh, relieve headache, strengthen liver function, reduce blood sugar.

2. Suitable for food, in the western food is often used in spices, in steak, potatoes and other cooking and baking products, especially often used. It has a very sweet aroma with pine wood and flavor. It is very intense.

3. Suitable for cosmetics, it is a famous plant with astringent effect, which can help us clean hair follicles and deep skin, making skin look more delicate and smooth.

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