Q10 Coenzyme powder 99%
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Q10 Coenzyme powder 99%

  • Q10 Coenzyme
  • TrifoliumpratenseL.
  • protein
  • body
  • Solvent extraction
  • 98%-101%
  • Yellow or light yellow crystalline powder

Description of Q10 Coenzyme

Q10 Coenzyme a exists in various organisms of fat-soluble vitamins natural material, is one of indispensable important elements of human life, and can be used as cell metabolism and cell activator, breathing is an important antioxidant and nonspecific immune enhancer, can promote the oxidative phosphorylation reaction, protect biological membrane structural integrity. it's a natural antioxidant produced by the cells themselves.

Function of coenzyme q10 powder

1. Anti-aging, powerful antioxidant.

2. Cure diseases, strengthen the metabolism of myocardium and brain cells, and protect the integrity of biofilm structure of cardio-cerebrovascular cells.

3. Metabolic activator to activate cellular respiration. Promote metabolism and improve immunity.

Application of 98 q10 coenzyme powder

Coenzyme Q10 capsules-Yanggebiotech

1. Protect the heart and prevent sudden heart attacks.

2. Adjuvant treatment for diseases: cardiovascular diseases, such as viral myocarditis and chronic cardiac insufficiency. Hepatitis, such as viral hepatitis, subacute liver necrosis, chronic active hepatitis. Comprehensive treatment of cancer can alleviate some adverse reactions caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

3. Effectively prevent skin photoaging and reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

4. Prevention and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

5. Promote energy conversion, improve immunity, and boost energy.

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