Purslane Extract
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Purslane Extract

  • Purslane extract
  • Portulaca Oleracea L.
  • Purslane extract
  • Cauline leaf
  • Water-extraction
  • 4:1,8:1,10:1
  • Brown powder

Purslane extract has the comprehensive properties of preventing dry aging, increasing skin comfort, removing free radicals and improving skin comfort in winter.

Purslane Extract Powder Function

1) It can nourish and lubricate the skin and promote the physiological function of epithelial cells to normal and reduce the formation of dead skin and cuticle caused by dryness.

2) Contraction of vascular smooth muscle, contraction of both the central and peripheral sex, can relieve the skin and inhibit dry skin caused by itching.

3) With free radical scavenging, anti-aging effect, with the effect of anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory to edema.

Purslane Extract Application

(1) Applied in health product, It is helpful in treating diabetes, lowering blood sugar and all kinds of pain.

(2) Apply to cosmetics,Mainly used in the field of cosmetics, for anti-allergy, anti-inflammation and anti-external skin irritation and damage, in addition, there is a certain function of acne. Can improve some skin discomfort problems, especially for red blood, skin itching and pain problems have obvious effect. It can be used to make all kinds of skin care products.

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