Pine Bark Extract
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Pine Bark Extract

  • pine bark extract
  • Pinus massoniana Lamb
  • Proanthocyanidin OPC
  • Dry bark
  • Solvent extraction
  • 95%
  • Red to reddish brown powder

Function of pine bark extract

Pine bark extract is a kind of substance extracted from pine bark. The pine bark peeled from the tree is collected and evenly extracted. A compound containing large amounts of proanthocyanidin oligomers. 

1. It has antioxidant capacity. Protects the skin from excess UV damage.

2. Stabilize blood vessel wall, inhibit inflammation, and protect collagen and elastin tissue.

3. Eliminate free radicals to prevent atherosclerosis.

4. Anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and anti-allergy.

Application of proanthocyanidins

1. It is suitable for the medical field and can treat vascular diseases.

2. It is suitable for health care products and can be made into capsules and other dosage forms as raw materials of health food.

3. Suitable for food, as a food supplement.

4. Suitable for cosmetics, as an effective factor to make water or cream cosmetics.

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