Phycocyanin Powder
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Phycocyanin Powder

Wholesale food grade natural pigment phycocyanin powder E18 E25 used in dietary supplements
  • Yangge
  • Phycocyanin
  • Whole herb
  • Spirulina
  • E18,E25,E30,E40,E6,E3
  • HPLC
  • Blue fine powder

What is Phycocyanin?

Phycocyanin is a dark blue powder isolated from Spirulina. Mainly found in cyanobacteria, red algae and cryptographic algae. Phycocyanin is also usually divided into C-phycocyanin and R-phycocyanin, the former mainly exists in cyanobacteria, the latter mainly exists in red algae, and both are present in cryptoalgae. Its function is to absorb light (orange-yellow) energy and transmit light energy. It is both a protein and an excellent natural food coloring, as well as a good health food.

The blue particles or powder are protein-binding pigments, so they have the same properties as proteins, and the isoelectric point is 3.4. Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and grease. It is unstable to heat, light and acid. Stable under weak acid and neutrality (pH4.5~8), precipitation occurs when acidity (pH4.2), strong alkali can decolorize.

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Phycocyanin uses

1. Spirulina Extract Phycocyanin is a natural food pigment: Phycocyanin is a water-soluble pigment, non-toxic, pure, can be used as a food coloring agent, Widely used in ice cream, cakes, fast thawing powder, horse radish powder, frozen stick confection, ice lolly, jelly, candied beverage, cheese products etc as blue coloring.

2. Spirulina Extract Phycocyanin is a powerful anti-oxidant radical and anti-inflammatory properties, mostly used in top-grade cosmetics.

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How much is phycocyanin powder?

YANGGEBIOTECH provides phycocyanin E18,E25,E30,E40,E6,E3 - blue spirulina powder - food grade - c-phycocyanin price - Net Weight: 25kg,To add this branded ingredient to your final product, please email us at: 

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