Oryzanol Powder Gamma Oryzanol
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Oryzanol Powder Gamma Oryzanol

  • Oryzanol
  • Gamma-Oryzanol
  • Oryzanol
  • Seed
  • Ethanol extraction
  • 99%
  • White powder

Gamma Oryzanol Function

1) Oryzin can clear the reaction of oxidative imbalance in patients and has the effect of scavenger.

2) The substance produced by the metabolism of glutamate can regulate endocrine balance disorder and nervous disorder and stabilize the mood of perimenopausal women.

3) It can adjust or stimulate the body's immune system, the plant nervous system, thereby controlling intestinal inflammation, to achieve the therapeutic effect.

High Oryzanol Application

(1) Applied in pharmaceutical field, For autonomic nervous dysfunction, premenstrual tension, menopausal syndrome and primary dysmenorrhea, periodical psychosis, vascular headache, head trauma syndrome, etc.

(2) Applied in health products,improve vegetable nerve dysfunction, improve endocrine balance disorders and mental nervous disorders, and improve sleep.

(3) Apply to cosmetics,Improve the skin microvascular circulation function, the treatment of menopausal dermatosis, female facial descaling eczema, head pityriasis, etc. The combination of alopectin and vitamin E can also treat seborrheic alopecia and improve skin color and prevent skin chapping.

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