Organic Turmeric Extract Powder
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Organic Turmeric Extract Powder

Organic Curcumin Turmeric Root Extract Powder 95% For Food & Beverage Grade

What is organic curcumin powder?

Our curcumin extract from organic turmeric roots. not all turmeric is created equal and to get the most out of your turmeric, organic is best. for the most part, organic dictates not containing substances that are deemed artificial, synthetic, chemical-filled, or genetically altered.which is often used to color foods and cosmetics.turmeric root that is dried and ground down into a powder is what you'll find in your spice rack while turmeric extract is more of an elixir that is made by shredding turmeric root and letting it sit in edible solvents.

organic curcumin powder

Product Specifications

Product Name
Organic Curcumin Powder
2% - 95% Curcuminoids HPLC ;
95% Curcuminoids HPLC (Granular);
5%, 10% Curcuminoids HPLC (Water Soluable).

*Curcumin Capsule/Tablet/Gummy;
*Curcumin and piperine mix powder;
*Custom formula Is welcomed.
1kg/foil bag, 25kg/drum
Molecular formula
Molecular weight
Nutrient Content Claims
100% Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Raw
Dosage Form
Powder, Granules, Capsules, Tablets, Gummies

Organic turmeric extract powder where to buy?

YANGGEBIOTECH organic turmeric extract powder it is 100% natural, no sweetener, no flavoring agent, GMO free, no allergens, no additives, no add this branded ingredient to your final product, please email us at:

Our company organic products have passed the EU EOS and the US USDA organic certification, the production and sales of raw materials are integrated, the product traceability is strong, and the organic trade certificate (TC certificate) can be issued to customers; our company has also passed the ISO9001: 2015 management certification; Jewish Kosher certified. All raw materials used are from non-GMO sources.

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