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Natural Chlorogenic Acid

Wholesale chlorogenic acid honeysuckle extract green coffee bean extract for antioxidant
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What is chlorogenic acid?

Chlorogenic acid natural sources is a depsi acid (CA) generated from caffeic acid and quinic acid (1-hydroxyhexahydrogallic acid), which is produced by plants through the shikimic acid pathway during aerobic respiration. a phenylpropanoid compound.

Natural chlorogenic acid extraction method is an organic compound with the chemical formula C16H18O9, hemihydrate is needle crystal (water). 110 ℃ into anhydrous compound. the solubility in water at 25°C is 4%, and the solubility in hot water is greater.soluble in ethanol and acetone, very slightly soluble in ethyl acetate.

Natural chlorogenic acid biological activity are anti-oxidant, liver and kidney protection, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, regulation of sugar metabolism and lipid metabolism, anti-inflammatory, and protection of the nervous system.

Natural polyphenol chlorogenic acid (CGA) is one of the most abundant polyphenol compounds in human obtained from in vivo and in vitro experiments show that CGA mostly presents antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic activities.

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Natural chlorogenic acid specifications

Product Name
Natural chlorogenic acid
Latin Name
Eucommia ulmoides Oliv L
Part used
10:1, 20:1, 50:1, 5% ~98%
Active ingredients
chlorogenic acid
Brown yellow powder
Shelf Life
2 years
Shipping Details
DHL /FEDEX/EMS/by sea or by air

Natural chlorogenic acid benefits

Cardiovascular protection

Chlorogenic acid as a free radical scavenger and antioxidant, has been proved by a large number of experiments that this biological activity of chlorogenic acid can produce a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.


Chlorogenic acid has anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects.the antimutagenicity of eucommia chlorogenic acid is found to be related to anti-mutagenic components such as chlorogenic acid, revealing that chlorogenic acid can prevent tumors.

Blood pressures

Natural chlorogenic acid blood pressure caused significant reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressures.


Chlorogenic acid and its derivatives have stronger free radical scavenging effects than ascorbic acid, caffeic acid and tocopherol (vitamin E), can effectively scavenge DPPH free radicals, hydroxyl free radicals and superoxide anion free radicals, and can also inhibit low density oxidation of lipoproteins.

Skin care

Natural chlorogenic acid benefits for skin helps reduce the redness of the skin and protects the skin from everyday exposure to sun damage. green coffee helps tighten your skin and give it a youthful look and feel.

Natural chlorogenic acid benefits and side effects

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to have health might affect blood vessels so that blood pressure is reduced. it might also affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism. green coffee also contains caffeine, but in lower amounts than regular coffee.

Antioxidant product list

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Chlorogenic acid bulk is a welcome addition functional foods and beverages and dietary supplements for use in capsules, tablets, drink mixes, cosmetics, and more.

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Natural chlorogenic acid where to buy?

Natural chlorogenic acid manufacturer chlorogenic acid price, we can provide 10-30g of free samples, US warehouse in stock of 500kg of each month for the market of the global. certificate of analysis (COA), MSDS, specification sheet, pricing quotation is obtainable upon your request.

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