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Nattokinase Powder Bulk

100% natto extract high activity 20000FU-10000FU nattokinase powder
  • Yangge

  • Nattokinase Extract

  • Fruit

  • Fermented from bacillus subtilis

  • 20000FU/G~100000FU/G

  • HPLC

  • Yellow brown to offe white powder


What is nattokinase powder?

Nattokinase is a dietary supplement is a serine protease produced by Bacillus subtilis during the fermentation of the natto. It has the functions of dissolving thrombus, lowering blood viscosity, improving blood circulation, softening and increasing blood vessel elasticity. The effective content of nattokinase is measured by FU.

The difference between FU and FU/g:

The international standard unit of nattokinase is "FU", which refers to the nattokinase content of each nattokinase product; "FU/g" refers to the nattokinase content of each gram of natto raw materials. the difference.

Bulk nattokinase extract 60000FU where to buy?

YANGGEBIOTECH nattokinase extract 60000FU It is 100% Natural, No Sweetener, No Flavoring Agent, GMO Free, No Allergens, No Additives, No Preservatives.To add this branded ingredient to your final product, please email us at:

· Fermented from bacillus subtilis.

· Natural and Green.

· No preservatives, No additives, No chemical substances, Solvent-free.

· Milk-white colour and No natto smell.

· Stable quality.

· Outstanding processing performance.

pure nattokinase powder

What are the benefits of taking nattokinase?


* Dissolve Thrombus (Especially for Obsolete Thrombosis).

* Reduce Blood Press and Anticoagulant.

* Anti-atherosclerosis and Reduce The Risk of Stroke.

*Protect Myocardial Ischemia.

* Improve Eye Microcirculation and Protect Eyesight.


Health food for preventing arteriosclerosis, lowering blood pressure, protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,etc.

Nutritional supplements foods helping to improve eye microcirculation, protecting eyesight, etc.

Process flow chart-Nattokinase

★2.6 Fermentation culture (critical control point CCP3)

Fermentation culture refers to the process of continuously monitoring and cultivating the enzyme activity of the product by adjusting dissolved oxygen and temperature under strict disinfection control by relying on the fermenter.

①Empty and actual elimination of seed tanks and fermentation tanks.

②Inject the material, and sterilize the material at a constant temperature, control the temperature at 121±2℃, and sterilize it for 30 minutes.

③ Inoculate the seed liquid from the small fermenter to the large fermenter. Laboratory confirmation is required before vaccination.

④When starting the fermentation program, manually control the air intake and cooling, the upper limit of the temperature alarm is 38°C, and the lower limit is 36.5°C, and the exhaust gas and rotation speed are adjusted according to the fermentation time, and the fermentation time is 20-36h.

⑤Sampling monitoring. The sampler shall fill in according to the "Sampling Process Monitoring Record Form". Sampling was carried out at 12 hours, and every 4 hours after 12 hours, and the pH was controlled at 6.0-7.0.

⑥ Discharge. Sterilize the discharge port with steam for 20 minutes. After cooling to normal temperature, start the discharge valve to discharge the material.

⑦Fermentation clearance. Remove the items related to this batch of production on the production site; manually heat, the drying temperature is 50 ℃, and the time is 20 minutes. Centrifugal discharge is the secondary separation of the raw liquid from the fermentation tank, and the waste residue is discharged.

①After 36 hours, the fermentation tank was cooled to 25℃.ADD: ROOM712, XIGAOZHINENG MANSION, GAOXIN 3RD ROAD, HIGH-TECH ZONE, XI’AN, SHAANXI,CHINA TEL:18192676690.

②The 6T fermentation broth of the fermentation tank is discharged and centrifuged.

③Control the liquid flow at about 0.8-1T.

④Adjust the temperature of the centrifuge not to exceed 37℃.

⑤Control centrifuge speed: 6598r/min; Vibration intensity: 1.6mm/s.

2.8 Filtration and concentration

Filtration and concentration The centrifuged materials are further filtered and concentrated to obtain high-quality.

2.8.1 Ceramic membrane filtration.

① Centrifuge the supernatant at about 3.5-3.8T, with a throughput of 2T/h.

②The chiller is circulated, and the temperature of the centrifugal supernatant tank and the ceramic membrane supernatant tank is controlled at 15-20°C.

③The temperature of ceramic membrane should be controlled below 37℃.

④Sampling and testing every 1 hour, PH is 6.5-7.0, 15 hours after spotting, the enzyme activity dissolution circle value is greater than 13.

2.8.2 Organic membrane concentration filtration.

①The supernatant of the ceramic membrane is about 3T.

②The liquid supply pump has zero shear force, 30m³/h.

③Concentrate 4 times, the organic membrane dope is about 1.5T.

④The temperature is controlled at 15-20℃.

⑤Sampling and testing every 1 hour, PH is 6.5-7.0, 15 hours after spotting, the enzymatic activity dissolution circle value is between 13-15mm.

2.9 Ingredients.

The warehouse management personnel will check, weigh and collect the added ingredients maltodextrin and skimmed milk powder together with the operators, and add them to the ingredient tank for stirring.

① The ingredients are carried out according to the formula in the 100,000-level clean area.

②The bottom stirring is turned on during batching to prevent the concentration of the original liquid from being too high to block the pipeline.

2.10 Spray drying The purified stock solution is dried by a drying tower to obtain semi-finished powder.

①The inlet air temperature is controlled at 160°C and the outlet air temperature is 65°C.

②The frequency of the discharge pump is controlled at about 90.

③The drying tower can be fed after preheating for half an hour.

④ After the powder is discharged, observe whether the powder is dry

Light brown powder;
Special smell of Natto
Mesh size
NLT98% through 80 Mesh
Molecular Weight
Nattokinase Activity
Lost of Drying
Total Heavy Metal
Lead (Pb)
Arsenic (As)
Mercury (Hg)
Cadmium (Cd)
Aflatoxin (B1+B2+G1+G2)
Total Plate Count
Yeast & Mold

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