Mushroom Extract Powder
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Mushroom Extract Powder

  • Mushroom Extract
  • Lentinus edodes
  • Lentinan
  • Whole plant
  • Ethanol extraction
  • Lentinan 20%-40% HPLC
  • Brown powder

Shitake mushroom extract is a drug that reduces serum cholesterol. Lentinan is extracted from the crushed mycelium of lentinus edodes, which is rich in polysaccharides and Lentinan.

1) Shitake mushroom extract can reduce serum cholesterol, enhance the immune system, and have anticancer activity.

2) With immune regulation and anti-tumor, with antiviral ability, protect the liver.

(1) Applied in pharmaceutical field, Lentinan has a good effect in the treatment of stomach cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and so on. As an immune-assisted drug, lentinan is mainly used to inhibit the occurrence, development and metastasis of tumors, improve the sensitivity of tumors to chemotherapeutic drugs, improve patients' physical conditions and prolong their life.

Lentinan is a special biological active substance, a biological response enhancer and regulator, which can enhance humoral immunity and cellular immunity. The antiviral mechanism of lentinan may lie in its function of enhancing the immunity of infected cells, enhancing the stability of cell membrane, inhibiting cytopathic changes and promoting cell repair. At the same time, lentinan also has antiretroviral activity. Therefore, lentinan is an undeveloped health food against influenza.

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