Monascus Red Mnascus Red Pigment
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Monascus Red Mnascus Red Pigment

  • Monascus red

  • body

  • protein

  • 99%

  • Dark red powder


Function of Monascus red powder

Monascus red refers to the liquid monascus pigment extracted from monascus rice with ethanol or the product extracted, crystalized and refined from the deep culture liquid of Monascus. Monascus red pigment is a traditional food pigment produced by monascus fermentation in China.

1 Strengthen the spleen, temperature, improve children and the elderly and slight asthma.

2. It can reduce blood fat and blood sugar, and strengthen liver function.

3. Boost immunity.

Application of Monascus red pigment

1, used as food coloring agent, can be used for biscuits, puffed food, confectionery, cooked meat products, fermented bean curd, jelly, sauces, popsicles, ice cream, according to the production needs of appropriate use.

2, edible red pigment.

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