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Matcha Powder

  • Matcha powder

  • Leaves

  • Tea polyphenols

  • 800 Mesh, 2000 Mesh, 3000Mesh

  • Bake at a low temperature and grind to a powder

  • Green powder


Matcha green tea powder Function

organic Matcha powder-Yanggebiotech

Matcha powder is the popular image of matcha, is a natural stone mill ground into a micro powder of steamed green tea. Because of its ultrafine powder state, it is convenient for extensive use in more fields.

1) The tea polyphenols in matcha can remove excessive harmful free radicals in the body, regenerate α-VE, VC, GSH, SOD and other efficient antioxidant substances in the body, thus protecting and repairing the antioxidant system, which has a significant effect on enhancing the body's immunity, preventing cancer and aging.

2) Can reduce blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, thereby preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Matcha powder Application

bulk Matcha powder-Yanggebiotech

(1) Apply to cosmetics,Used for making beauty products, matcha mask, matcha powder, matcha soap, matcha shampoo, etc

(2) Application and food field,Macha with no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colors, in addition to direct drinking, as a kind of nutrition enhancer and additive in natural pigment, widely used in production of moon cakes, biscuits, melon seeds, etc., ice cream, pasta, maccha, matcha ice cream, chocolate matcha cake, bread, matcha tea jelly, tea candy, beverage categories: Canned drinks, solid drinks, milk, yogurt, matcha cans, etc.

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