Masticinic Acid
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Masticinic Acid

  • masticinic acid

  • Root leaf mastic resin

  • Masticinic acid

  • masticinic acid 65-90%

  • Solvent extraction

  • white fine powder


Function of boswellic acid

Masticinic acid is an aromatic resin obtained from the trees of the frankincense genus and used in traditional herbal formulations in China and India to treat inflammatory arthritis.

1. Promote blood circulation and relieve pain, relax muscles and tendons and reduce swelling.

2. Be used for bleeding sores and chest and abdominal pain caused by blood stasis.

3. Be used in depressed stomachaches and hyperactive stomachs.

Application of masticinic acid

1. Regulating qi and activating blood, analgesia and chasing toxins, treatment of qi and blood stagnation, angina pain, carbuncle swelling toxin, bruises, etc.

2. Widely used clinically to treat rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

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