Konjac Extract
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Konjac Extract

  • Konjac extract
  • Amorphophallus rivieri Durieu
  • Konjac extract
  • Root
  • Water-extraction
  • 5:1,10:1,20:1 TLC/UV
  • Yellow powder

Konjac Extract Powder Description

Konjac extract, the main components are glucoside (lipid) acyl sphosphinol, glucomannan, its medicinal efficacy can control weight, reduce fat, with the effect of cancer prevention and cancer prevention, at the same time can be appetizing food, remove intestinal garbage.

Konjac Extract Function

1) With strong expansion, more than any kind of plant glue viscosity and toughness, you can fill the stomach and intestines, eliminate hunger, and because of the calories contained very little, it can control the weight, to achieve the purpose of weight loss and bodybuilding.

2) In order to improve constipation phenomenon, can reduce blood pressure, reduce blood fat.

3) It promotes the conversion of cholesterol into cholic acid and reduces the recirculation of cholic acid through the liver, thereby lowering cholesterol and thus preventing cholesterol from rising.

Konjac Powder Application

(1) Applied in health products,clear intestines and stomach, help digestion, lower cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and prevent obesity.

(2) Application and food field, it can be used in meat products, fruit and vegetable products, flour products and confectionery products, etc.

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