Is allulose safe for dogs
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Is allulose safe for dogs

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Buy allulose plays many roles in food and beverages, including swelling, texture, caramel flavor, browning, stability, etc. how to find the best hypoglycemic solution, product developers need to consider and balance the taste and health attributes of the product.for raw material manufacturers, the physical and health properties of different sugar substitutes determine their application in different product segments.

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About our allulose sweetener

D-allulose is a naturally occurring six-carbon ketose, the epimer corresponding to the third carbon of D-fructose. It is a rare sugar that exists in small amounts in plants, and it is common to obtain low-calorie allulose from cornstarch-derived fructose through enzymatic processing.

Advantage of allulose

Compared to other zero-calorie natural sweeteners, allulose is an excellent sugar substitute in the bakery market. Its main advantages are as follows:

The biggest advantage is that it has similar properties and functions to sucrose, the sweetness is 70--80% of sucrose, and the sweetness curve may be closer to sucrose, without post-bitterness;

Allulose - meet the needs of sugar reduction

Allulose is 70--80% sweeter than sucrose, with only 0.4 calories per gram (compared to 4 calories per gram of sucrose).its metabolism is different from that of sucrose, it will not increase blood sugar or insulin, and it can inhibit the body's absorption of sugar. It is suitable for the development of low-calorie or low-GI products to meet the needs of sugar reduction;

Improve allulose quality

Allulose is a reducing sugar that produces a maillard reaction and provides texture support.the maillard reaction provides color and luster to the product, and at the same time, it can generate substances with high antioxidant effect, which can reduce oxidative loss during food processing and storage; texture support can also improve cake quality. This makes it an excellent alternative to sucrose in baking applications. This aspect is something that other sugar alcohols cannot achieve.

Allulose - good stability

The structure and properties of allulose are very stable and have strong chemical inertness. It can also maintain its original state under acidic or alkaline conditions, and its stability is higher than that of sucrose.

Enzymatic treatment of low-calorie allulose from cornstarch-derived fructose is common, which has given it the "natural sweetener" label. Unlike sugar alcohol sweeteners such as erythritol, allulose suffers from diarrhea. the safety of allulose has been recognized by many countries around the world, including the united states, japan, canada, south korea, australia, etc.the approval of regulations has boosted its popularity in the global market.

However, if the raw material is used alone, the process needs to be adjusted, including the fermentation time, the amount of sugar substitute, etc., considering the overall cost of the product, it still needs to be compounded with other sugar substitute raw materials.with the decline in the cost of enzyme preparation technology, it is expected that raw materials will usher in a new market growth point.

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Is allulose safe for dogs

In conclusion, long-term administration of D-allulose caused no harmful effects in dogs. D-allulose, also called as D-psicose, is a rare sugar, which is a monosaccharide rarely exist in nature.

Is allulose safe for dogs

Is allulose gluten free

Best allulose is gluten free. allulose should be safe for patients with celiac and other gluten-related disorders.

How do you use liquid allulose?

Allulose liquid sweetener use YANGGEBIOTECH allulose manufacturer sweetener as a sugar alternative to sweeten beverages, cereal, and desserts.our allulose liquid is also a keto sweetener with 0g net carbs. substitute 1 1/3 cup allulose for 1 cup refined sugar.

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How do you use liquid allulose?

Allulose regulations & applications

In 2019, the US FDA announced that allulose would be excluded from the labels of "added sugars" and "total sugars", which means that it will no longer be necessary to calculate the added amount in these two categories in the future.this regulation paves the way for the expanded application of allulose in food as a "natural low-calorie sweetener". many ingredient companies have begun to increase the production of the same time, new food and beverage products in the us market Large-scale use of allulose has also begun.

Wholesale allulose become one of the most popular natural sweeteners in the north american market, and many food and beverage manufacturers have added this ingredient in their formulations. In north america, the number of new products containing allulose tripled in 2020 compared to 2019. according to market data from FutureMarket Insights, the global allulose market will reach US$450 million in 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.1%. It is mainly used in products such as modulated milk, flavored fermentelk, cakes, tea drinks, and jelly.

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