How to extract silica from bamboo?
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How to extract silica from bamboo?

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How to extract silica from bamboo?

Bamboo extract is known to improve calcium and vitamin D absorption, which can further enhance nail quality. also, bamboo extract can help you deal with brittle and weak nails.what's more, as bamboo extract improves calcium absorption, it's good for your bones and joints.

Bamboo extract supplement

Silica was extracted from bamboo leaf ash, (BLA) using sol-gel method to produce silica xerogel. In this method, 60 ml NaOH 2M were added to 10g BLA and boiled for 1 h with constant stirring to extract the silica and produce sodium silicate solution.

How much silica is in bamboo extract?

While horsetail is about 7% silica by weight, bamboo extract boasts an average 70% silica concentration!

How do you extract bamboo extract?

Take by weighing dry spot leaf of bitter bamboo10Kg, extract three times with 60 ℃ of thermal backflows of 95% ethanol, each solid-liquid ratio is respectively: 1: 10,1: 8,1: 6, extraction time was 3 hours.

Bamboo extract global market

Bamboo extract manufacturer market size was valued at US$ 3.10 Billion. in 2021 and the total bamboo extract revenue is expected to grow at CAGR of 22.22% through 2022 to 2027, reaching nearly US$ 10.4 Billion.

Bamboo extract global market

The asia-pacific region is the largest bamboo region in the world.the main bamboo producing and exporting countries are china, India, myanmar, thailand, bangladesh, cambodia and vietnam. major bamboo products importing countries include the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Japan. Finished products including bamboo extracts are then exported from these countries.

Made in chian bamboo extract is a purified and concentrated form of bamboo, sometimes called bamboo water. This extract is mainly available in liquid form, but a dry powdered extract is also available. the powdered extract is used to make capsules and other herbal health formulations. This extract is made from bamboo leaves and stems. This extract is the richest source of silica, which promotes hair growth and has other beneficial skin care benefits.

Bamboo extract is highly used in the cosmetic industry.this extract contains high amounts of silica, making it an important ingredient in shampoos, soaps, conditioners, and other hair care products.silica has been linked to healthy hair growth. extract products to prevent hair fall and nourish hair.

In addition to cosmetics, bamboo extract is used as a bone and tissue health supplement, providing strength and elasticity to collagen and elastin connective tissue. Herbal supplements use bamboo extract in capsule formulations and can be found in various health stores or herbal specialty stores.

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