How can I get beta-carotene naturally?
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How can I get beta-carotene naturally?

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What pigment is beta-carotene?

Natural extraction natural beta carotene is usually extracted by plants. The pure product is dark red or beta carotene foods - YanggeBiotechdark red, shiny orthorhombic hexahedron or crystalline powder. It is unstable to oxygen, heat and light. It is one of the carotenoids. It is the most common and stable natural pigment in nature. Many natural foods such as spirulina, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, papaya, mango, etc β- Carotene. Melting point 183 ℃. Soluble in carbon disulfide, benzene and chloroform. At 0 ℃, 109mg of the product is soluble in 100ml hexane, insoluble in water, propylene glycol and glycerol, almost insoluble in methanol and ethanol, and unstable to oxygen, heat and light.

What does beta-carotene supplement do?

Nutritional supplements and pigments can be used in cream and puffed food according to the "Hygienic standard for the use of food nutritional fortifiers (1993)" issued by the Ministry of health of China, with a maximum dosage of 0.2g/kg. This product is 0.6 μ The physiological effect of G is equivalent to 1 international unit (I · u ·) of vitamin A. It is widely used as yellow pigment instead of oil-soluble tar pigment, such as cream, cheese and mayonnaise originally containing carotene, and is widely used in other edible oils, margarine, shortening, cakes, bread, etc. When used in oily food, it is often dissolved in edible oil such as cottonseed oil or suspension preparation (content 30). It is easy to use after dilution.

Is β-carotene same as vitamin A?

β-Carotene and vitamin A are not the same thing, but carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A plays a good role in the development of human eyes. If the body lacks vitamin A, it will lead to night blindness, and vitamin A also plays a good role in promoting the metabolism of human cells.

Is beta-carotene bad for your eyes?

Beta-carotene helps reduce the oxidative stress all this light puts on our eyes. Our bodies also convert it into vitamin A, so it has similar benefits to eye and immune health. And while it won't give you super night vision, it actually can sharpen your ability to see in darkness a little.

Natural Extract Beta Carotene Supplier?

Own brand vegan food additives third-party testing Amazon eBay superfood supplier,beta-carotene is produced by fermentation or synthetic.

Specifications: Beta Carotene 1%, 10%, 20%.

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