Honeysuckle Extract Price
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Honeysuckle Extract Price

Honeysuckle extract food grade chlorogenic acid 10%~98% for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
  • Yangge

  • Honeysuckle Flower Extract Powder

  • Flower

  • Chlorogenic Acid

  • 10%~98%

  • HPLC

  • Brown Yellow Powder


What is honeysuckle flower extract?

Honeysuckle flower extract is an extract, extracted from the natural plant honeysuckle, the main ingredient is chlorogenic acid, the color is brown powder, and it can be used as raw materials for medicines, health products and cosmetics.98% white powder.

Chlorogenic acid (CGA), also known as coffee tannic acid, is a condensed acid formed by caffeic acid (eafeic acid) and quinic acid (quinic acid), and belongs to the phenylpropanoid compound. CGA widely exists in plants, with high content in honeysuckle and eucommia, and has a wide range of pharmacological effects.

honeysuckle flower extract


Product Name
Honeysuckle flower extract
Other Name
Flos lonicerae extract / Lonicera japonica extract
Yellow brown fine powder
Part Used
Active Ingredient
Chlorogenic acid
Chlorogenic acid 10%~98%
Test Method
Extraction Type
Solvent Extraction
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight

Honeysuckle extract for skin

Honeysuckle extract (Lonicera japonica) is a fully water-soluble plant cosmetic raw material obtained from the dried flower buds of the honeysuckle plant honeysuckle. The main active ingredients of honeysuckle are chlorogenic acid compounds, so honeysuckle extract has a good skin care effect.

Lonicera japonica extract dosage

The dosage is 1 gram per 100 kilograms of body weight, and the active ingredient content of each gram of extract is more than 15 times that of raw medicinal materials, and the amount of water per gram is still effective to 20 kilograms.

Flos lonicae extract application

Injections Suppositories, lotions, injections, tablets, capsules, etc.

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