Gromwell Pigment extract
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Gromwell Pigment extract

  • Gromwell pigment

  • Whole plant

  • Gromwell red

  • 5:1,10:1,20:1 TLC/UV

  • Water-extraction

  • Red powder


Function of Gromwell red

It is a red pigment extracted from the root of the genus Shixiaoxin in the family Shixiaoxin. It is not only safe but also has certain pharmacological effects.

1) The red pigment showed good scavenging and inhibiting effects on superoxide free radical and hydroxyl free radical, and the antioxidant ability showed concentration effect.

2) It can be used for dyeing and eating.

Application of red root gromwell

Application and food field, As food additives such as fruit wine, beverage, snack and so on, purple red pigment can increase its functions of clearing heat and disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, disease prevention and anti-cancer, etc.

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