Green Tea Extract
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Green Tea Extract

Supply green tea extract 50% EGCG 98% catechins antioxidant for dietary supplements
  • Yangge

  • COA-Green Tea Extract(EGCG 50%).pdf

  • Green Tea Extract

  • Leaf

  • Polyphenols, EGCG, Catechins

  • 50%

  • HPLC

  • Brown Powder


What is green tea extract?

Best green tea extract is the main component of green tea, accounting for about 30% of the dry matter. GTP is extracted from tea and its by-products (tea powder, tea chips, rough tea or pruned leaves). since it is only extracted with food-grade ethyl acetate, the original structure of GTP is retained, and the product is a light yellow powder.the main component is composed of catechins, accounting for about 60% to 80% of the total GTP, which contains 4% to 6% epicatechin (L-EC), 6% to 8% gallocatechin (DL -EC), 10%~15% epigallocatechin (L-EGC), 50%~60% epigallocatechin gallate (L-ECG).

Green tea extract powder

Green tea extract specification

Product Name
Green tea extract
Active Ingredients
Part Used
Health-care/Cosmetic/Food Products
Latin Name
Camellia sinensis
Brown yellow powder
Test Method
OEM Service

Green tea extract benefits

For skin

Green tea extract for skin smoothness, reduces inflammation - specifically working against acne causing bacteria - and neutralizes free radicals, making it very effective for treating and slowing the deterioration of the skin.

For acne

Green tea extract is a healthful, natural substance that may help reduce acne breakouts.research has shown both oral and topical use of green tea to be effective in treating can try green tea for acne on its own or in addition to other products.

For blood pressure

Green tea extract blood pressure the drinking more than 600 mL daily is linked to an even lower risk.also, early clinical research suggests that taking green tea extract daily for 3 months or drinking green tea three times per day for 4 weeks reduces blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

For blood sugar

Green tea extract blood sugar also lowered blood sugar, or glucose, and decreased gut inflammation and permeability in healthy people – an unexpected finding.

For bodybuilding

Green tea extract bodybuilding is known from decades to help lose weight and promote metabolism but with new research green tea also help to stimulate the production of growth hormone. green tea increases the production of HGH (human growth hormone), which speeds up muscle building and promotes muscle mass.

For anxiety

Single dose green tea extract anxiety of rhodiola, magnesium, and B vitamins led to an induction of a relaxed, attentive state, and a reduction in subjective stress and anxiety under acute stress.[1][2]

For antioxidant

Green tea extract antioxidant contains several polyphenolic components with antioxidant properties, but the predominant active components are the flavanol monomers known as catechins, where epigallocatechin-3-gallate and epicatechin-3-gallate are the most effective antioxidant compounds.[3]

Ashwagandha with green tea extract

Ashwagandha and green tea extract ay help reduce symptoms of mental health conditions as a supportive (but not substitute) remedy for anxiety & depression and similar lifestyle disorders.such stressful time calls for super-relaxing methods and remedies.[4]

Green tea extract supplement

Best green tea extract dietary supplement for use in capsules, tablets, mixes, cosmetics, and more.

Green tea extract supplement

Where to buy green tea extract?

Buy green tea extract the best egcg green tea extract 50% we can provide 10-30g of free samples, US warehouse in stock of 500kg of each month for the market of the global. certificate of analysis (COA), MSDS, specification sheet, pricing quotation is obtainable upon your request.

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