Glutathione GSH
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Glutathione GSH

  • glutathione
  • γ-amide bonds and sulfhydryl tripeptides
  • body
  • Solvent extraction
  • 95% 98%
  • White powder

Function of l glutathione for skin

Glutathione reduced-Yanggebiotech

Glutathione is a short peptide made up of three amino acids that is found in almost every cell of the body. It has anti-oxidation effect and integrated detoxification effect. It can transform harmful poisons into harmless substances and excrete them out of the body. It also helps maintain normal immune system function.

1. It's a powerful antioxidant. It can scavenge free radicals by itself.

2. It is a kind of immunity regulator.

3. It's a powerful antidote. It is found in large amounts in the liver and helps flush out toxins we are exposed to every day, such as smoke, radiation, drug residues, heavy metals, pesticides, and so on.

Application of Glutathione powder

L-Glutathione powder-Yanggebiotech

1. Applicable to clinical drugs, used in hepatitis, hemolytic diseases as well as keratitis, cataract and retinal diseases, as a treatment or adjuvant treatment of drugs.

2. It is suitable for cosmetics and has antioxidant effect.

3. Food additives, added to the flour products, can play a reducing role. When added to yogurt and baby foods, it acts as vitamin C and acts as a stabilizer. It is added to meat products, cheese and other foods to enhance flavor.

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