Egcg Green Tea Extract
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Egcg Green Tea Extract

Supply high quality EGCG green tea extract 98% HPLC provide 10-30g free sample
  • Yangge
  • Egcg Green Tea Extract
  • Leaf
  • Polyphenols, Catechins, EGCG
  • 98%
  • HPLC
  • Off-White Powder

What is egcg green tea extract?

Egcg green tea extract is a powerful compound, It's most abundant in green tea. EGCG is the major catechin in green tea and accounts for 50% to 80%. EGCG has benefit health is a unique plant compound that gets a lot of attention for its potential positive impact on health. It's thought to reduce inflammation, aid weight loss, and help prevent heart and brain disease.[1]

Supply High Quality HPLC Green Tea Extract EGCG 98%

Egcg green tea extract specifications

Product Name Egcg green tea extract
Specification 98%
Test Method HPLC
Source Green tea extract

Green tea extract L-theanine powder specifications

Product Name Source Specification Test Method Advantage
L-Theanine Green Tea Extract 98% HPLC Various beneficial ingredients
Synthetic 98% HPLC Low cost

Bulk Price Green Tea Extract 98% L Theanine Powder

Green tea extract specifications: 50/25/10/8 (Tea Polyphenols, Catechins, EGCG), 95/70/40/3(Tea Polyphenols, Catechins, EGCG), 95/75/50/1 (Tea Polyphenols, Catechins, EGCG)EGCG 90%- 98% , L-theanine 20%-40%.[2]

Egcg green tea extract uses

Egcg blood pressure

Egcg green tea extract could lower blood pressure after 6 weeks of oral administration, reduce 24 h urine protein levels and decrease creatinine clearance, and attenuate renal fibrosis, indicating that it could attenuate hypertension by protecting against renal damage.[3]

Egcg benefits for hair

Egcg green tea extract epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea may prevent hair loss by inhibiting the activity of hormones that induce hair loss and promoting hair regrowth by stimulating hair follicles.[4]

Egcg benefits weight loss

Egcg green tea extract taking 100–460 mg of EGCG together with 80–300 mg of caffeine for at least 12 weeks is linked to significant weight loss and reduction of body fat.still, changes in weight or body composition are not consistently seen when EGCG is taken without caffeine.[5]

Egcg skincare

Egcg green tea extract epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG) is a monomer separated from tea catechins, as an well-known antioxidant, which helps fight wrinkles and rejuvenate skin cells.[6]

Egcg and 5 htp

Egcg green tea extract and 5-HTP skips this first step and will help replenish your serotonin levels much more quickly. Taking it with Green tea extract as EGCG will help to make sure it's your brain that's getting the serotonin, not your gut. You can purchase 5-HTP online, or in body building/health food stores.[7]

Egcg green tea extract COA

Egcg green tea extract COA

Where to buy egcg green tea extract?

Egcg green tea extract wholesale the best egcg extract 98% we can provide 10-30g of free samples, US warehouse in stock of 500kg of each month for the market of the global. certificate of analysis (COA), MSDS, specification sheet, pricing quotation is obtainable upon your request.

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