Docosahexaenoic Acid (dha)
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Docosahexaenoic Acid (dha)

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What is DHA and its benefits?

DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, commonly known as brain gold, is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is very important to the human body and is an important member of the Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid family. DHA is a major element for the growth and maintenance of nervous system cells. It is an important constituent fatty acid of the brain and retina. The content of DHA in the human cerebral cortex is as high as 20%, and it accounts for the largest proportion in the retina of the eye, accounting for about 50%. It is essential for the development of infants’ intelligence and vision. DHA algae oil is extracted from marine microalgae, and it is relatively safer without being passed on by the food chain. Its EPA content is very low.


At present, YANGGE DHA products are mainly derived from deep-sea fish, marine microalgae and other Marine organisms, according to different sources known as fish oil DHA and algal oil DHA. And we can offer both DHA powder and oil.


Product Name
Customized Materials Ingredient
DHA Algal Oil
35%, 40% and 50% DHA
Docosahexaenoic acid oil,Vitamin E,
Ascorbate palmitate
DHA Algal Oil Powder
7% and 10% DHA
Docosahexaenoic acid oil,sodium ascorbate,glucose syrup,whey protein

Does DHA Make Babies Smarter?

DHA, a bonus for intelligence

DHA Oil DHA has irreplaceable advantages in promoting 

the development of brain cells, the extension of nerve fibers,

the increase of brainvolume and the speed 

of information processing in the brain.

DHA, makes baby's eyes brighter

DHA is important for the normal conduction of light stimulation to the photoreceptors in the retina of the eye, allowing the eyes to receive information 

from the outside world quickly to the brain, prompting children to see more clearly.

DHA, immune guardIn DHA Oil

In addition to DHA in the brain and retina, DHA is also found in immune cells. The baby continues to supplement DHA, which helps stimulate the vitality of immune cells, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases, and improve their own protection.


Algae oil and microcapsule powder are mainly applied in infant formula food, dietary supplements and healthy food. They are often used in milk powder, liquid milk, blended cooking oil, confections and chocolates, milk beverages, baked food, processed meat products and other healthy food to enhance the health value.


What foods are high in DHA?

Algae powder is mainly applied in the field of animal nutrition to enhance the nutritional value of fish, eggs, and milk through animal enrichment.


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