Dan Shen Extract S. Miltiorrhiza
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Dan Shen Extract S. Miltiorrhiza

  • Dan-shen Extract
  • Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae
  • fat soluble non - quinone pigment compounds
  • root
  • alcohol extract
  • 5%、8%、10%、40%、50%
  • reddish brown powder

Description of Dan-shen Extract

Dan-shen extract mainly contains fat-soluble non-quinone pigment compounds, such as tanshinoneⅡA, tanshinone matrix B and their isomers. Water soluble phenolic acids such as protocatechuic aldehyde, Danshensu. Among them, cryptotanshinone is the effective antibacterial component.

Function of tanshinoneiia

1. Treatment of diseases can significantly expand the coronary artery, increase coronary blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, slow down the heart rate and increase myocardial contractile force.

2. Antibacterial and anti-infection.

Application of Dan-shen Extract

1. Treat coronary heart disease, improve coronary circulation, and inhibit the occurrence of thrombotic diseases.

2. Improve myocardial contractility and promote myocardial regeneration.

3. It can expand the animal arterioles, increase the number of capillary network opening, accelerate the blood velocity and flow, thus improving the microcirculation barrier.

4. Inhibition of platelet agglutination induced by ADP and platelet inhibition.

5. Can inhibit the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol, reduce the generation of oxidized low density lipoprotein, reduce neutral fat, can be used for atherosclerosis caused by hyperlipidemia.

6. Anti-infection, used for suppurative and surgical infections (acute tonsillitis, external otitis, osteomyelitis, surgical infections, etc.).

7. It is used to treat cervical erosion.

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