Coconut Powder Milk
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Coconut Powder Milk

Wholesale Superfood Coconut Milk Powder for Milkshake Health
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  • Protein
  • 100% Water Soluble
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  • White Powder

What is coconut powder?

Coconut powder or coconut milk powder is made from fresh coconut meat. the process includes juicing the meat, concentrating, filtering the juice, and spray drying into powder. It is milk color when it is soluble in water.

Coconut powder is gluten-free powder, and it can be used as an alternative to wheat flour. It can be also used in drinks.

Coconut powder is rich in dietary fiber, protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It also provides medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) 

Coconut water powder or coconut juice powder is made from coconut water. coconut water powder is fine, free-flowing and white in color, very good solubility in water, and it is colorless when it is soluble in water.

Coconut water powder


Product Name
Coconut Powder
Drying Method
Spray dried
Particle Size
80-100 Mesh
OEM service
Private labels and  customized packaging
20kg/carton or 20kg/drum or as your request
Shelf Life
24 Months

What is coconut powder used for?

A great alternative to dairy milk, coconut milk powder is a delicious and nutritional element. With its enormous health benefits from skincare to heart health, it is judiciously a superfood that is rich in minerals, electrolytes, and fatty acids,and can be used to make desserts, puddings, hot cocoa and smoothies. also a favorite in Asian cuisine it is frequently used in a variety of curries, kormas and soups. If you're craving a sweet glazed dessert, just add water and sweetener.

Where to buy coconut powder?

Organic coconut powder bulk we highly focus on product quality, to ensure Natural & Organic, so we didn't add any additives or other polysaccharides to change the flavor and ingredients, so it tastes a little stronger.

YANGGEBIOTECH can provide 10-30g of free samples, we are here for product quality and reputation, and hope to help you develop new product projects.

1. We provide the free sample to check the quality if you need;

2. Other fruit juice powder and FD powder is provided , welcome to contact us get the E-catalog;

3. For superfood retailers, we can offer mixed fruit and vegetable powder and private labels.


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