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Chymosin Rennet

Supply food grade chymosin rennet powder vegetarian source papain CAS 9005-43-0 for cheese
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What is chymosin rennet?

Chymosin rennet buy online plant contains a wide range of protease sources that can make milk coagulate, YANGGEBIOTECH supplies papain, ficin, bromelain, ginger protease, acacia protease, artichoke protease, etc.

Chymosin rennet supplier

Chymosin rennet specifications

Product name
Chymosin rennet
Whtie powder
Food additives
Chymosin powder;chymosin enzyme rennet;chymosin
Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life
24 Months

Chymosin rennet uses

Chymosin rennet is an indispensable preparation for cheese production, and its production value accounts for 15.5% of the total production value of the entire enzyme preparation.

The solubility of chymosin rennet buy is affected by pH, temperature and ionic strength of the solution. It is soluble in NaCl solution with a pH value of 5.5 and a concentration of 1 mol/L. The crystal structure of rennet is relatively stable at 25 °C, and the solubility increases with the increase of ionic strength. The isoelectric point of rennet is pH 4.5, and it is most stable at pH 5.3~6.3, but its activity decreases due to self-degradation at pH 3~4. Under alkaline conditions, irreversible conformational changes occur and the activity decreases.

Chymosin rennet bulk is available in three states: liquid chymosin rennet, powder and tablet.

Chymosin rennet powder

Chymosin rennet data

PH: the activity of chymosin rennet is the strongest in an acidic environment, and any slight change in the acidity of raw milk can significantly affect the activity of rennet. most of the activity of chymosin comes from trypsin, and a small part comes from bovine pepsin ( However, the active ingredient in porcine chymosin is porcine pepsin.the optimum pH of trypsin is 5.4, while the optimum pH of pepsin is lower than that of trypsin.

Temperature: the optimum temperature for chymosin rennet is 42°C. (Up to 55-60°C, the enzyme itself is destroyed) Because the milk temperature significantly affects the coagulation speed. When the milk temperature is 30°C, the coagulation time of raw milk is 2-3 times that of 42°C. However, the milk temperature is usually kept at 30-33°C in actual cheese production. First, considering the optimum temperature of lactic acid bacteria (such as the optimum temperature of Streptococcus The temperature is around 30°C, and the maximum cannot exceed 40°C) Second, the curd hardening speed is too fast at higher milk temperature, so that subsequent cutting is more difficult.

Ca2+ concentration: casein converted by chymosin rennet can coagulate only if free calcium ions are present in the raw milk.therefore calcium ion concentration will affect the curd time, curd firmness and whey discharge.

Chymosin rennet dosage

The usual dosage is 100kg of raw milk with 20-40ml of chymosin rennet solution.the curdling time is inversely proportional to the amount of rennet, and doubling the amount will halve the curdling time.

The excretion of whey is not affected by the amount of chymosin rennet.experiments show that the amount of rennet has nothing to do with the moisture content and PH quality of the cheese after 24 hours. however, the amount affects the ripening of the cheese. If the amount is large, the decomposition of protein during ripening will be accelerated. At the same time, due to the decomposition of protein by rennet to produce bitter peptides, a large amount will also increase the bitterness of cheese.

Arima method was used to measure the curd strength. Take 5ml, 100g/L skim milk, keep it at 35℃ for 5min, add 0.5ml, 1g/L papain chymosin solution, mix quickly and evenly, accurately measure from adding enzyme The time T(s) from liquid to coagulation, the enzyme amount of 100g/L skimmed milk that coagulates 1ml in 40min is defined as a Soxhlet unit.curd strength = (2400/T) ╳(5/0.5)╳ D(dilution multiple).

Where to buy chymosin rennet?

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