Chaga Mushroom Extract
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Chaga Mushroom Extract

  • Chaga Mushroom extract
  • Inonotus obliquus
  • Polysaccharide, Betulin.
  • fruiting body
  • Solvent extraction
  • 15% polysaccharide, 2% betulin
  • Fine brownish yellow powder

Description of Chaga Mushroom extract

Chaga Mushroom is a kind of medicinal fungus growing in Betula platyphylla tree. It can be used to treat diabetes, prevent colds, high blood pressure, and improve immunity.

Function of naturealm chaga mushroom extract

1. Treat diabetes.

2. Anticancer effect. Prevent metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells, enhance immune ability and promote health.

3. Prevention and treatment of AIDS. It has obvious inhibitory effect on AIDS.

4. Anti-aging. Eliminate free radicals in the body, protect cells and promote metabolism.

5. Effectively inhibit infectious viruses. It can prevent colds.

6. Avoid high blood pressure.

7. Improve and prevent allergic cortex.

8. Treatment of hepatitis, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, nephritis.

Application of wild chaga mushroom extract

1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly for the treatment of diabetes, reducing hypertension, anti-cancer and antivirus, and has therapeutic effects on vomiting, diarrhea and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

2. It can be used in cosmetics to improve allergic cortex.

3. Enhance immunity, protect cells, prolong cell division algebra, enhance cell life, promote metabolism, and effectively delay aging.

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