Carnosic acid oil
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Carnosic acid oil

Carnosic acid oil rosemary extract antioxidant oleoresin for water soluble
  • Yangge
  • Carnosic acid oil
  • Leaf
  • Ursolic acid, carnosol and rosmarinic acid
  • 5%8%10%15%20%25%30%40%60%
  • HPLC
  • Brown liquid

What is carnosic acid oil?

Carnosic acid oil are produced from rosmarinus with subsequent extraction and standardisation ensuring consistency of quality. It is the phenolic compounds extracted from rosemary that are responsible for the antioxidant property of this plant. The antioxidant capacity of rosemary extracts is based on their content of phenolic diterpenes which are fat soluble, notably carnosic acid and carnosol. these diterpines can be further oxidized on exposure to elevated temperatures, however their capability to prevent oxidation is maintained. rosemary also liberates a water soluble extract, rosmarinic acid can be used as water-soluble antioxidant in food and other industries.

carnosic acid oil

1. Carnosic acid oil orange-red/light yellow clear and translucent liquid, oil-soluble.

2. Carnosic acid oil 5%~20% Active ingredient content.

3. Carnosic acid oil is an excellent antioxidant oleoresin with significantly higher antioxidant properties than BHA, BHT, tea polyphenols, VE, etc. It can be completely dissolved in oil and is easy to use. -5℃ product has no solidification phenomenon.

Specification of Carnosic acid oil

Product name
Carnosic acid oil
Latin name
Rosemary extract
Raw material
Leaves of rosemary
Active Ingredient
Carnosicacid 5%~50%(Liquid)
1. Easily soluble in oil
2. Heat resistant up to 240℃
3. Antioxidant effect is 2~4 times better than BHA and BHT
Shelf Life
24 months, if tightly sealed in a cool and dry place
25kg carton with sealed inner polyethylene liner

Use of rosemary carnosic acid

Carnosic acid oil is suitable for anti-oxidation of oil-soluble ingredients. In all kinds of animal and vegetable oils, deep-sea fish oil, DHA, EPA, AA, infant and middle-aged and elderly nutrition powder, bakery food, fried food, aquatic animal meat products, condiments, advanced candy, medicine, health care products, all kinds of cosmetic washing It works extremely well in products such as supplies and biopesticides.

Carnosic acid oil dissolves rapidly with stirring and heating before being added to lipid products. It has a synergistic effect when used in conjunction with organic acids.


1. When using, make sure to mix with the product evenly.

2. It should not be used in alkaline products whose pH value exceeds 8.5, otherwise the antioxidant effect may be affected.

3. It should not be in contact with metals such as iron and copper.

4. Store at low temperature and avoid light.

Carnosic acid oil as follow specifications we can provide you

Rosemary Extract
Carnosic acid 5%~98%
Yellow green to light yellow powder
Lipid solubility
Carnosic acid 5%~50%
Yellow green liquid
Lipid solubility
Carnosic acid 5%~20%
Light orange liquid
Rosmarinic acid 5%~95%
Brown yellow to Light yellow powder
Water solubility
Carnosol 5%~15%
Brown yellow to Light yellow powder
Lipid solubility
Ursolic acid 5%~98%
Yellow green to white powder
Lipid solubility
Rosemary Oil
100% pure natural
Lipid solubility

Where to buy carnosic acid oil?

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