Butterfly Pea Powder E3
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Butterfly Pea Powder E3

Supply Natural Colors Butterfly Pea Powder E3 for FoodBeverage Industry

What is Butterfly Pea Powder E3?

Butterfly Pea Powder E3 Manufacturer is created by grinding the dried petals into a fine texture. blue butterfly pea powder can be used to add a natural purple and blue pigment used in drink and food production. it will not stain your teeth.

Butterfly Pea Powder E30 Manufacturer

Butterfly Pea Powder E3 Specification

Product name

Butterfly pea powder E3 

Plant Part Used



Food Grade

Country Origin


Sensory Quality


Blue fine powder






Water soluble

Analytical Quality

Color value

3.0 ±0.5unit(E30)

Particle size

100% pass 80 mesh

Loss on drying




Residual  Solvents(ethanol)

0 .05% Max.

Total Heavy Metal

Lead (Pb)


Arsenic (As)


Cadmium (Cd)


Mercury (Hg)


Microbial Quality

Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold






Staphylococcus aureus

≤ 100 (CFU/g)

Vibrio parahaemolyticus

≤3.0 (MPN/g)

Storage: Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen

Shelf Life: 24 months under the conditions below, no antioxidant used


Butterfly Pea Powder Features:

Butterfly pea powder is more sensitive to pH, and the color is stable when combined with neutral properties such as milk. for example, when used in beverages, it can be combined with citric acid products to stabilize the color.

Butterfly Pea Powder Features

Butterfly Pea Powder Manufacturer (PH color)

Butterfly Pea Powder Manufacturer

Butterfly Pea Powder E3 SGS:

Butterfly Pea Powder SGS

Butterfly Pea Powder E3 Application

Butterfly pea powder has a wide range of applications and can be used in various ways. Here are some common uses of butterfly pea powder:

1. Beverages: Butterfly pea powder is often used to create visually stunning and colorful drinks. When mixed with water or other liquids, it imparts a vibrant blue color that can be enhanced or transformed into shades of purple or pink by adding acidic ingredients like lemon juice or lime juice. It is commonly used in teas, lemonades, cocktails, smoothies, and even coffee.

2. Desserts: Butterfly pea powder can be incorporated into desserts to add a unique visual element. It can be used to color cake batters, frosting, icings, puddings, popsicles, ice creams, and sorbets. The color-changing effect can create beautiful ombre or marbled patterns.

3. Baked Goods: Butterfly pea powder can be added to bread, muffin, or pancake batters to give them a blue tint. It can also be used to make colorful glazes or decorations for cookies, pastries, and donuts.

4. Rice and Noodles: In some Southeast Asian cuisines, butterfly pea powder is used to color rice and noodles. It can be added to the cooking water to give plain rice or noodles a vibrant blue color, enhancing the visual appeal of the dish.

5. Natural Food Coloring: Butterfly pea powder can be used as a natural food coloring alternative to synthetic dyes. It can be added to recipes that require blue or purple coloring, such as frosting, icing, and dough.

6. Health Drinks and Herbal Remedies: Due to its potential health benefits, butterfly pea powder is often used to make health drinks and herbal remedies. It can be mixed with hot water, tea, or other beverages to create a soothing and antioxidant-rich drink.

7. Natural Dyes: Butterfly pea powder can be used as a natural dye for fabrics, yarns, or other materials. The blue color extracted from the powder can be used for dyeing purposes, creating unique and eco-friendly textiles.

Butterfly Pea Powder E30 Application

Why Choose Us?

Free sample available: Butterfly pea powder suppliers 10-30g free samples could be offered for your R&D trial. Qty: 1ton, Delivery method: FOB/CIF.

Quality and Purity: A reputable supplier ensures that their Butterfly pea powder is of the highest quality and purity. They often use third-party testing and provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to guarantee the product's safety and efficacy.

Our Certificates: Over the years, we have been committed to product manufacture optimization and quality system establishment. We've set up the quality management system and obtained certificates for it. We provide COA, MSDS, SGS, Halal, Kosher, etc.

Butterfly pea powder suppliers

Butterfly Pea Powder Package

Butterfly pea powder packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the product's freshness, quality, and shelf life. Consider the following packaging features:

Packaged in multi-layer kraft paper bag with food grade PE inner bag, net 25kg/bag. (Other packaging types are available on request)

Butterfly Pea Powder Package

Add this branded ingredient to your final product. Email: info@yanggebiotech.com

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