Butcher´s Broom ( Ruscus Aculestus) Extract Powder
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Butcher´s Broom ( Ruscus Aculestus) Extract Powder

  • Butcher´s Broom ( Ruscus aculestus) extract powder

  • stem and leaf

  • Ruscogenin

  • 10:1 Ruscoside 10% 20%

  • Water extract

  • Brown powder


Butcher´s Broom belong to the family of pseudoleafs, pseudoleafs genus, can be used for ornamental cultivation, when young can also be eaten. Butcher´s broom branches leaves thick green, often as a view of leaf plant cultivation, decorate rooms, halls and other places, simple and elegant generous, dry branches and leaves can also be dyed, as decorative use.

1. It can enhance the metabolism of skin cells and has an anti-aging effect on skin.

2. It has a proliferation effect on melanocytes.

3. Promote unimpeded circulation.

1. Applied in cosmetics, It is suitable for regulating cosmetics against aging.

2. Proliferation of melanocytes, can be used for black hair products.

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly in terms of clinical efficacy for supportive treatment of symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, such as leg pain and heaviness, nocturnal gastrocnemius spasm, pruritus irritation and swelling.

Supportive treatment of hemorrhoid symptoms, such as itching irritation and burning sensation.

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