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Bulk Cheese Powder

Bulk cheese powder food additives for food manufacturers, we provide COA and MSDS.
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What is Cheese Powder?

Cheese powder is a processed cheese product, made by dehydrating cheese and then grinding it into a fine powder. It's often used in packaged food products, like macaroni and cheese, snack foods, and other products that require a cheese flavor without the need for refrigeration or other special handling.

To make cheese powder, cheese is first melted and then sprayed onto a surface in a process called "spray drying." The water in the cheese evaporates, leaving behind a dried, solid product. This is then ground into a powder.

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Cheese Powder Specifications

Product Name
Cheese Powder
Place of Origin
Flavoring Agents
Brand Name
Salty Cheese Taste
Cheese Powder / Cheese Flavor Powder
Natural Ingredients
Food Additive
Daily Flavor
Natural & Vegetarian

Cheese Powder Nutrition Facts 

Cheese powder supplier nutrition facts Ingredients: Cheddar cheese (milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), whey, sunflower oil, whey protein concentrate, lactose, maltodextrin, salt, blue cheese (milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), sodium phosphate, contains less than 2% of citric acid, lactic acid, yellow 5, yellow 6.

Nutrient Amount per 2 Tbsp (15g) Serving
Calories 70
Total Fat 4g
- Saturated Fat 2.5g
- Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 10mg
Sodium 220mg
Total Carbohydrate 5g
- Dietary Fiber 0g
- Total Sugars 3g
- Includes Added Sugars 0g
Protein 3g
Vitamin D 0mcg
Calcium 60mg
Iron 0mg
Potassium 50mg

Cheese Powder Uses

Bulk cheese powder is a versatile ingredient and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Here are some of its common uses:

1. Packaged Foods: It's often used in packaged foods like macaroni and cheese, cheese-flavored chips or crisps, popcorn, and other snacks. It's also used in instant foods like soups and noodles for flavoring.

2. Seasonings and Spice Blends: Cheese powder can be used to create custom spice blends. For example, it can be mixed with spices like garlic powder, onion powder, and chili powder to create a cheesy taco seasoning.

3. Sauces and Dips: You can use cheese powder to make a quick cheese sauce or dip. Just mix it with milk or water until you get the consistency you want.

4. Baking: Cheese powder can be used in baking to add a cheesy flavor to bread, biscuits, or other baked goods.

5. Sprinkling on Foods: It can be sprinkled on popcorn, baked potatoes, fries, or any other food where you want to add a cheese flavor.

6. Cooking: It can be used in recipes where you want a cheese flavor but don't want to add extra moisture, which can sometimes be a problem with fresh cheese. For example, it can be used in making dough for a cheese-flavored crust.

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Cheese Powder of Benefits

Cheese powder has a number of benefits, particularly for food manufacturers and for home cooks in certain situations. Here are a few:

1. Long Shelf Life: Cheese powder has a much longer shelf life than regular cheese. It can be stored for a long time without refrigeration, making it a convenient pantry staple.

2. Ease of Use: It is easy to handle and use in the kitchen. You can simply add water or another liquid to reconstitute it, or you can use it in its dry form.

3. Versatility: Cheese powder can be used in a variety of dishes, from snacks to main dishes to desserts. It can also be combined with other seasonings to create unique flavor profiles.

4. Portability: Cheese powder is lightweight and compact, which makes it a good option for camping or other situations where carrying fresh cheese might not be practical.

5. Cost-Effectiveness: For large-scale operations, such as in food manufacturing, using cheese powder can often be more cost-effective than using fresh cheese.

6. Consistency: In commercial food production, cheese powder provides a consistent flavor and quality, which can be important for maintaining the expected taste of a product.

However, while cheese powder can be convenient and useful, it's important to note that it doesn't have the same nutritional profile as fresh cheese. Cheese powder often contains additives and preservatives, and it may have higher levels of sodium. As with any processed food, it's a good idea to consume it in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

Why Choose Us for cheese powder?

1. Free sample available: Cheese powder suppliers 10-30g free samples could be offered for your R&D trial. Qty: 1ton, Delivery method: FOB/CIF.

2. Quality and Purity: A reputable supplier ensures that their Bulk cheese powder is of the highest quality and purity. They often use third-party testing and provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to guarantee the product's safety and efficacy.

3. Our Certificates: Over the years, we have been committed to product manufacture optimization and quality system establishment. We've set up the quality management system and obtained certificates for it. We provide COA, MSDS, SGS, Halal, Kosher, etc.

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Cheese Powder Package

Bulk cheese powder packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the product's freshness, quality, and shelf life. When looking for rhubarb powder, consider the following packaging features:

Packaged in multi-layer kraft paper bag with food grade PE inner bag, net 25kg/bag. (Other packaging types are available on request)

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If you want to need bulk cheese powder, please contact us by email:   info@yanggebiotech.com

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