Bitter Gourd Peptide
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Bitter Gourd Peptide

Wholesale bitter gourd peptide for diabetes
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What is bitter melon extract peptide?

Bitter gourd peptide is a bioactive ingredient extracted from fresh special bitter gourd seed germ. it consists of 17 kinds of 166 amino has similar structure and physical and chemical indicators to insulin, and has a significant effect of regulating blood sugar.the results of this research have been confirmed by many scientists one after another. this major scientific and technological achievement has been recognized by the world, and has been confirmed by a large number of clinical experiments in domestic and foreign hospitals:

﹡Bitter gourd peptide takes effect 30 minutes after entering the human body;

﹡Bitter gourd peptide duration of balsam pear polypeptide to lower blood sugar is 4-8 hours;

﹡Bitter gourd peptide are especially effective in controlling postprandial blood sugar;

﹡Bitter gourd peptide has a long-lasting effect on reducing blood sugar, and hypoglycemia will not occur;

﹡Bitter gourd peptide can be applied to all kinds of diabetic patients and high-risk groups of diabetes.

Bitter melon extract peptide bulk is a welcome addition functional foods and beverages and dietary supplements for use in capsules, tablets, drink mixes, cosmetics, and more.

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Bitter gourd peptide specifications

Product name

Bitter gourd peptide

Part Used
Raw powder
Light yellow powder
Test Method

Bitter gourd peptide health benefits

Virus suppression

Bitter gourd peptide of bitter can help users to inhibit virus can reduce the chances of users being infected by influenza virus, epidemic meningitis virus, pneumococcus and other germs, and naturally reduce the possibility of physical abnormalities caused by these virus infections.

Regulate blood sugar

Bitter gourd peptide has the effect of regulating blood sugar.after the bitter melon peptide is absorbed by the body, it can reduce the content of cholesterol and triglyceride in the liver. It also has a very good effect in preventing the absorption of sugar, (click to see the effect feedback).besides, it can also help regulate the endocrine of the body, so that the insulin in the user's body can be produced faster.

Improve immunity

Bitter gourd peptide has an immune boosting effect.after the bitter melon peptide is absorbed by the human body, it can improve immunity, purify human blood, clean up toxins in the blood, and improve the phagocytic ability of macrophages.

Improve skin

Bitter gourd peptide for skin can promote people's metabolism, and can also remove toxins accumulated in the body, which has a good effect on reducing skin damage.moreover, bitter gourd peptides also have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, which have a good effect on preventing skin infections.

Bitter gourd peptide where to buy?

Bitter gourd peptide manufacturer bitter melon peptide powder price, we can provide 10-30g of free samples, US warehouse in stock of 500kg of each month for the market of the global. certificate of analysis (COA), MSDS, specification sheet, pricing quotation is obtainable upon your request.

Bitter gourd peptide powder bulk is a welcome addition functional foods and beverages and dietary supplements for use in capsules, tablets, drink mixes, cosmetics, and more.

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