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Best Epimedium Extract

Wholesale epimedium extract 10%-90% icariin male health products
  • Yangge
  • Epimedium extract
  • Whole herb
  • Lcariin
  • 10% to 98%
  • HPLC
  • Dark brown powder

What is epimedium extract?

Best epimedium extract ingredients stems and leaves contain icariin, epimedium A, noricarliin, I-cariresinol, epimedium extract is a traditional chinese herbal. epimedium extract is a product processed from the dried stems and leaves of epimedium brevicornum, etc. the commercial extract has many specifications , usually with icariin or total flavonoids as the standardization index.

Bulk epimedium extract has testosterone-like effects, stimulating sexual activity in both men and women, increasing sperm production, stimulating the sensory nerves, and increasing sexual desire and is marketed as a dietary supplement for libido.

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epimedium extract

Best epimedium extract specifications

Product Name
Epimedium extract
1%-98% Icariin
Part Used
Brown fine powder
Healthcare products

Best epimedium extract functions

Immune system

Best epimedium extract has the effect of enhancing the immune function of the body, and can enhance and maintain normal adrenal cortex function and immune function.


Best epimedium extract prolongs growth phase, regulates immune and secretory systems, improves body metabolism and various organ functions.


Best epimedium extract reduces cerebrovascular resistance, has a certain protective effect on myocardial ischemia caused by vasopressin, and has a scientific basis for the treatment of coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.

Effect on blood

Best epimedium extract inhibits platelet aggregation and can inhibit thrombosis; it can promote the differentiation and proliferation of various blood cells and promote hematopoietic function.

Promote metabolism

Best epimedium extract promotes DNA synthesis.


Best epimedium extract has the effect of promoting the DNA synthesis of bone marrow cells, has the effect of "replenishing bone", and has a good prevention and treatment effect on osteoporosis.

Best epimedium extract functions


Best epimedium extract for skin the invention provides a safe and effective skin care product composition, which takes epimedium extract and phellodendron amurense extract as active ingredients, has obvious oxygen radical scavenging function and antioxidant activity, can reduce the length, the area and the depth of skin wrinkles, improve the collagen level of the skin and has obvious anti-wrinkle effect.

Epimedium extract where to buy?

Epimedium extract supplier best epimedium extract price, we can provide 10-30g of free samples, US warehouse in stock of 500kg of each month for the market of the global. certificate of analysis (COA), MSDS, specification sheet, pricing quotation is obtainable upon your request.

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