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Astaxanthin Powder Bulk

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What are astaxanthin antioxidant supplements

astaxanthin powder food grade

Astaxanthin has been used as a food additive for food coloring, preservation and nutrition. Astaxanthin is fat-soluble, has a bright red color and strong antioxidant properties. For foods, especially foods with a lot of fat, it has both a coloring effect and a fresh-keeping effect. In Japan, the use of astaxanthin-containing red oil for the pickling of vegetables, seaweed and fruits has been patented, and the coloring of beverages, noodles, and seasonings has also been patented. Research has been carried out on the use of astaxanthin to synthesize human health products to strengthen the immune system, fight cancer, protect the retina from ultraviolet radiation and photooxidation, anti-inflammatory, and prevent blood low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol from oxidative damage, etc. In terms of efficacy, the development of health products containing astaxanthin. The United States and other countries have allowed it to be used in production as a food additive, as a natural food additive.


Product Name
Astaxanthin powder
Main Ingredient
Astaxanthin powder 5%,10% ; Astaxanthin oil 10%
Direct supply from Best Factory
Dark Red Powder
Free samples available
OEM \ ODM one-stop service(Capsules, tablets, candies, drinks, etc.)
Bottled, bagged, barreled or according to customer requirements

astaxanthin powder for fish-yanggebiotech

How to use astaxanthin powder for fish

The largest market for astaxanthin is in the feed industry. It can be used as a feed additive for fish (salmon, sturgeon, rainbow trout, red sea bream, etc.) and crustaceans and poultry such as shrimps and crabs. Astaxanthin, as a coloring agent for aquaculture animals, can make aquatic animals show bright colors and make them more ornamental; adding astaxanthin to poultry feed can increase egg yellow pigment content; it can also increase hens The egg production rate promotes the health of laying hens. Astaxanthin has the same functions as humans in preventing and treating fish, shrimp, crab and poultry diseases. It can improve immunity, increase survival rate, and play an important role in normal growth and healthy breeding, and increase survival rate and reproduction rate. Astaxanthin can also increase the flavor of fish. It can be directly used as a precursor compound to form salmon food flavor, and it can also promote the conversion of fatty acids or other lipid precursors into salmon flavor compounds.

Astaxanthin powder for skin

As a new type of cosmetic raw material, astaxanthin is widely used in creams, emulsions, lip balms, skin care products and other cosmetics with its excellent properties. In the field of astaxanthin powder cosmetics, natural astaxanthin has a unique molecular structure. Its antioxidant effect can effectively quench free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays, prevent skin photoaging, reduce UVA and UVB damage to the skin, prevent skin cancer, delay cell aging, reduce skin wrinkles, reduce melanin deposition, and reduce freckles Produce, can retain moisture, make the skin more elastic, tense and moisturized. Japan has patented the use of astaxanthin's anti-photosensitization effect to produce cosmetics.

Astaxanthin powder for skin

Where to buy natural astaxanthin

YANGGEBIOTECH Offers 100% Natural Astaxanthin, Get A Free Quote Now! Direct from Manufacturer. Fast Delivery. Factory Prices. Free Sample. KOSHER, HALAL, Certificates. Types: Plant Extracts, Functional Ingredients, Natural Pigment, Super Food.

Natural extract

The extraction of astaxanthin from aquatic product processing waste is widely used. While creating economic benefits, this method can reduce the chromaticity of production and processing wastewater and reduce pollution. Critical CO2 extraction method, etc.


The product obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction has the advantages of high purity, less solvent residue, and no toxic side effects. Compared with other methods, this method can avoid the degradation of astaxanthin, obtain high-quality products, and can effectively extract astaxanthin. 


1. Powerful antioxidant effects.

2. Increase strength and endurance.

3. Boosts Immune System.

4. Inhibit Skin aging with skin-whitening effect. Prevent Diabetic Syndrome & Arteriosclerosis.

5. Cardiovascular & heart health Benefits.

6. Improve Eye Health.

7. Anticancer, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-helicobacter Pylori Activity.

8. Nervous System Benefits.


1. Applied in food field, it is mainly used as food additives for pigment and health care.

2. Applied in animal feeds field, it is used as an new animal feed additive to impart coloration, including farm-raised salmon and yolks.

3. Applied in NF Food field, it is mainly used to prevent cancer and anti-oxidant.

4. Applied in cosmetic field, it is mainly used to Antioxidant and UV protection.

Astaxanthin Application-YANGGEBIOTECH



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Shrimp shell crushing → dilute acid treatment → washing to neutral → drying → charging → supercritical static extraction → supercritical circulation extraction → collection → saponification → liquid chromatography analysis and purification → packaging → frozen storage

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