Application of curcumin extract in animal feed
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Application of curcumin extract in animal feed

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1. Curcumin extract supplement

Best curcumin the intestinal mucosa, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, lipid-lowering and immune regulation. At the same time, because of its stable color and low toxicity, it is widely used in food additives, cosmetics, and medicine. And textile dyeing. Curcumin also plays an important role in feed additives, and its properties in animal performance, meat quality, disease prevention and other aspects are gradually recognized by farmers. Therefore, the development and application of curcumin is of great significance to the sustainable development of food safety, human health and intensive aquaculture.

2. Application of curcumin extract in aquatic feed

Curcumin for sale According to the physiological functions of curcumin, it has been used as a feed additive in aquaculture and has obtained good economic benefits. A large number of experiments have proved that curcumin has a good effect on promoting fish growth, improving fish antioxidant capacity and digestive enzyme activity, enhancing immunity and improving fish body color, especially in the prevention of fish liver disease. In recent years, curcumin has been widely used as an antibiotic substitute for feed additives and has applied for a number of patents.

3. Application of curcumin extract in chicken feed

In recent years, curcumin price with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for food safety and ecological environment, the use of antibiotics has been strictly restricted. Therefore, the emergence of curcumin as an antibiotic substitute has brought hope to the green and safe production of chicken products. Studies have found that adding an appropriate amount of curcumin to broiler feed can not only improve the production performance, immunity, and antioxidant capacity of broiler chickens, but also improve fat metabolism and improve chicken quality.

4. Application of curcumin extract in pig feed

Turmeric curcumin cost,Lipid oxidation is the main reason for the deterioration and taste of pork. Adding synthetic antioxidants to feed can improve the antioxidant capacity of meat, but with the enhancement of people's health awareness, these synthetic compound additives are gradually banned, and some natural agents with antioxidant properties (such as curcumin) are getting more and more The more applications.

Curcumin extract-animal feed   Curcumin extract-animal feed