Aloe Vera Extract Aloin
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Aloe Vera Extract Aloin

  • aloe vera extract
  • Aloe vera var chinesis(haw.)Berg 
  • aloin barbaloin lsobarbaloin aloin
  • leaves
  • Concentrate extraction
  • Aloe glycoside 10%, 20%, 5:1, 10:1
  • Brownish green powder

Aloe vera extract is a colorless, transparent to brown, slightly viscous liquid that turns into a fine yellow powder when dried. No odor or slightly specific odor. It is usually used as a facial mask and is popular with women. It has strong hydrating properties. It is an important additive in cosmetics. 

Aloe Vera Extract Function 

1. It can promote the growth of fibrin, inhibit elastin, synthesize collagen and clear free radicals, and have a good effect on skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.

2. It can promote the synthesis of cholesterols, help to change the composition of sebum, reduce oil shine and increase the softness of skin.

3. It has the function of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. 

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Application

1. It has the functions of enhancing immunity, promoting intestinal peristalsis, preventing radiation, preventing cardiovascular disease and so on. In addition, aloe is widely used in surgery, facial functions, internal medicine, gynaecology, pediatrics and the treatment of cancer, senile diseases, etc.

2. In the application of cosmetics, which contains a variety of beneficial to the human body moisturizing ingredients and nutrients. Therefore, it has the functions of nourishing and moisturizing, sun protection, hangtitis, hair care and so on. At the same time, it has significant effects on softening skin, convergence, acne prevention, preventing rough skin, anti-inflammation and anti-itching, hair care, and keeping skin delicate and white and clean.

3. In health care, diet and other aspects of the application, aloe vera food has sterilization and anti-inflammation, improve immune function, eliminate toxic free radicals, reduce blood lipid, blood sugar and blood pressure, improve circulation system, increase appetite, improve sleep quality and other effects. Can improve the overall health condition, make people energetic.

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