Aloe Vera Extract
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Aloe Vera Extract

  • Aloe vera extract
  • Aloe barbadensis Mill
  • Aloe vera extract
  • Leaves
  • Water-extraction
  • 5:1,10:1,20:1 TLC/UV
  • Brown powder

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Function

Aloe vera extract is a kind of colorless transparent to brown slightly viscous liquid, after drying into a yellow fine powder. No odor or slightly specific odor. It is usually used as a facial mask and is popular with women. It has strong hydrating properties.

1) There are anti-infective compounds, there are compounds that stimulate the growth of white blood cells and other immune cells, there are compounds that promote callus, etc.

2) Enhance immunity, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent radiation, prevent cardiovascular diseases and other functions.

3) The properties of astringent, soft, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and bleaching skin. Also has the effect of relieving hardening, keratosis and improving scar.

Aloe Barbadensis Extract Application


(1) Applied in pharmaceutical field, for the treatment of human AIDS, anti-cancer drugs production.

(2) Applied in health products,It has the functions of sterilization, anti-inflammation, improving immune function, increasing interleukin, eliminating endotoxin, eliminating toxic free radicals, relieving constipation, preventing colitis, reducing blood lipid, blood sugar and blood pressure, improving circulation system, preventing and curing digestive system diseases, increasing appetite and improving sleep quality.

(3) Apply to cosmetics,Made of cosmetics, health care toothpaste, skin care products, hair products, moisturizing cream, youth cream and other products.

(4) Application and food field, Can be used for thickening agent, stabilizer, gelling agent, binder.

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