Bacopa monnieri natural in 2021 latest trends in the U.S.
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Bacopa monnieri natural in 2021 latest trends in the U.S.

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  9 latest trends in the U.S. natural health market in 2021

  Although the global epidemic continues, product innovation and consumers' health concerns have never stopped. Recently, the US SPINS company released a data report called "2021 Natural Health Products", which mainly analyzes the current US natural health product market and major retail stores. At present, the natural health product market in the United States shows the following 9 trends.

  Asian flavors are popular

  In the past year, sales of "Asian flavor" products in the US market have increased significantly. Taking food and beverages in the Chinese market as an example, sparkling water, which focuses on young consumer groups, also ushered in a period of market development and dividends. The success of Yuanqi Forest has accelerated the rapid rise of the market, and the product formula and flavor design have been continuously optimized during the period. , In order to cater to the needs of more consumers. At the same time, Good Hope Water, the main botanical herbal drink, introduces sparkling juice drinks into a new category, adding traditional herbal plants to the drink after brewing, including honeysuckle, jasmine, and Roselle.

  Puzzle products are worthy of attention

  With the increase of social rhythm and life pressure, more and more people hope to improve their mental performance and concentration. In recent years, educational products have been on a growth trend. In this era of segmentation and fragmentation, people have high requirements for their work and life efficiency, so brain health has become the focus of attention.

  At present, the most widely used raw materials in product formulations include L-theanine, PS, Bacopa monnieri, L-carnitine, etc. The specific market growth is shown in the figure below. These ingredients can be used alone or in combination. Synergistic effect. In addition, the brain health market for sports people is in a blank area, and more and more studies have found the importance of concentration for athletes, as well as brain health products for e-sports people.

  Market potential of mushrooms

  Mushrooms are popular in various end products. Mushrooms are known for their diversity of nutritional value, and their application diversity is also recognized. Functional mushrooms increased by 10% in herbal products, 14% in shelf-stable coffee, 55% in shelf-stable beef jerky, and even 2% in performance nutritional supplements. At present, the more popular mushroom raw materials include Hericium erinaceus, Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps, Chaga, Grifola frondosa, etc.

  Healthier snacks become the first choice

  Snacks have become one of the essential elements in daily life. Everyone likes to eat snacks, regardless of gender, age, and people with different health needs can find their own snack products. For example, vegans can find beef jerky and meat snacks that suit them, and ketogenic dieters can choose potato chips and pretzels that meet their requirements. In addition, shelf-stable biscuits and shortbread containing anti-allergic formula rose 11.6%, exceeding the 0.9% increase of non-allergenic formula. Snacks already have the appeal of the masses, when they can accommodate more consumers, their scope of influence will only extend to more areas.

  The natural cosmetics market is booming

  With clean beauty becoming the standard in the field of beauty, natural cosmetics brands are more distinctive in this field. They are more inclined to use plant-based and innovative ingredients to provide cosmetics with similar skin care effects. For example, Cocokind’s Mai-Light Rose Highlighter contains Grifola frondosa ingredients, which can provide antioxidant effects. Mad Hippie’s Cheek & Lip Tint contains sea buckthorn berry and blueberry extracts for skin moisturizing and antioxidant. This blend of plant-based benefits and beauty applications is a trend.

  Pet products are more natural and healthy

  Pets have changed from a commodity to an emotional sustenance. Pet owners care about the health of their pets as much as their own. They are constantly looking for unique and innovative products. In addition to the 2020 epidemic, many pet owners spend more time with their pets at home, and there has been a significant increase in the category of pet nutritional supplements. Pets' joint problems, inflammation, intestinal health, anxiety, and fur are all concerned by pet owners. In the direction of health, curcumin, probiotics, fish oil and glucosamine are beginning to enter more products and pet diets.

  Low-alcohol beverages open up new markets

  With the development of the low-calorie market, consumers have higher expectations for beverages, not only to provide good taste, but also not to break their dietary goals. Low-alcoholic beverages represented by cocktails have begun to rise, especially while providing unique flavors, but also satisfying consumers' DIY modulation in different scenarios.

  Clean labels are sweeping the beverage market

  Beverages were once considered sugary and unhealthy, but now they are eliminating this stigma and also removing some synthetic ingredients. Retailers should pay attention to the "clean label" attribute when choosing new products and commodities, especially functional beverages. Take Poppi as an example. This is a stevia soda that contains apple cider vinegar and does not use artificial ingredients.